dress: P.O Box 1579-01000 Thika, Thika Business Centre, 4Th Floor Rm 412 Phone: 0721-409-933 Email:info(@)swanconsulting.co.ke Website: Swan Consulting RSM Contact: Address: 1st Floor, Pacis Centre, Slip Road, off Waiyaki Way, Westlands. P.O. Box 349 – 00606, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254 (0)20 3614000, +254 (0)20 4451747/8/9 Email: N/A Website: RSM Ashford Financial Consultants Contact: Address: 18th Floor, Viewpark Towers, Town, Utalii Ln, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254 722 419 422 Email: info@ashfordfinconsultin Website: Ashford Financial Consultants From this list, you can easily identify which organization can suit your needs as per your affordability in Kenya. Above mentioned firms are also considered as the list of audit and accounting firms in Kenya who can provide quality services to you. Popular audit firms in Kenya There are several audit firms in Kenya who can solve your finance and audit issues very easily but you cannot trust on the credibility on each of them so there are certain renowned organizations in Kenya who can easily solve out your problems very easily. So, if you are in urgent need of performing the audit of your company then these four big organizations can prove to be a great help for you. So let’s go through the details of these companies to get a better idea of these organizations. Better to say these organizations are considered as some of the best audit firms in Kenya. Mazars Audit firms in Kenya and contacts Twitter Mazars deals with more than just one thing at a time. They deal with a large cross-section of clients; hospitality, financial, co-operative societies, and also manufacturing sectors. And that is not all; parastatals, local government, sole proprietors, medium and small enterprises, non-governmental and charitable organizations; all these are served by Mazars in Kenya. They have played the role of financial management agency for international donors to track fund usage that were allowed for various regional projects there. MGK Consulting This firm has been offering business and financial advisory services to various national and international establishments. They were incorporated in March 1999. MGK Consulting believes in providing high quality service and molding working relationships which are strong and reactive to the needs and wants of the clients. They have been on this platform for 18 proud years, and has been continuously growing the portfolio of clients. Gachoka Associates Audit firms in Kenya and contacts ga.co.ke Gachoka was founded in January 2003. It is a company of Certified Accountants who are registered formally with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants Kenya (ICPAK). Gachoka has their offices in the city of Nairobi and they have two partners who are supported by ten skilled, experienced and dedicated member. Deloitte. Audit firms in Kenya and contacts latest kenyan jobs and vacancies The tag line of Deloitte is “Who we are and what we do”. The Kenyan firm is deloitte is one of the oldest firm of the country. The firm of Kenya started in 1907. After these many years of serving, this firm established and now it has 24 partners and a total of 470 employees. PKF Kenya Audit firms in Kenya and contacts Latest Job Recruitment in Kenya This is one of the leading firm of East Africa. They manage the public businesses and advise the managements for years. Their headquarter is in Kenya. They have local offices in Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Malindi and Nakuru. They also have three regional offices in Kampala(Uganda), Kigali(Rwanda), and Dar es Salam(Tanzania). They have a total of 13 offices in Eastern African region with 800 staff members, 40 partners and directors. Swan Consulting Audit firms in Kenya and contacts Swan Consulting Swan consulting is one of the most trusted firm of Kenya. Their mission is to grow their customers business and help them to establish. Cpa Muigai Ikame is managing partner of Swan Consulting. Mercy Njoki is Head Accountant and Peter Mwaura iKame is senior consultant. They have a lot of branch all over Kenya with 500+ employees. These are the most popular audit firms in Kenya. If you want to know more, visit their respective websites as mentioned above half of the article. Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/270016-audit-firms-kenya-contacts.html