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The customer (you) is the most important part of our work ethos. When you contact us through telephone or email, we only have one goal. Our goal is to make sure that your needs are professionally taken care of. We truly believe in long-term relationships with our clients and this reflects in all aspects of our work.

We understand everything about Outsourcing, its principles, its regulations, timelines and how Outsourcing can contribute to success of every company. At 2Max Group we have experienced, motivated and professional team of Professionals. We’re always one step ahead, keeping up with the regulations, and using technology to deliver efficient and timely solutions to our clients.

We do in-house as well as outsourced solutions for companies of all sizes. We are a one stop shop for all your outsourcing needs. All the tasks that we do for you will be handled by our in-house team of experienced and pioneering accounting professionals. We are committed to providing you world class outsourcing service at very affordable prices.[/investment_about_company][vc_column_text]We are one of the fastest growing consultancy firms in Kenya and now part of the 2Max Group Limited. We aim to help you achieve your business and personal goals by offering national coverage on a variety of professional accounting,business advisory services,Research and Inventory management, including up-to-the-minute technical and personal advice.

Our growing success has developed from the commitment to excellent advice and support to our clients and their businesses. We provide a diverse range of specialist services and advice that is specifically designed to add value to your business. Helping you whatever you need and at whatever stage your business is at.

We advise all types of businesses, from sole traders to large national corporations and everything in between. We have a special affinity with entrepreneurs who lead their own businesses, our expertise ensures we have a national vision and corporate understanding of wider economic and accountancy issues. We choose to deliver our services at a regional level with the insight that only comes from being part of local business communities. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering the highest levels of service, tailored to a client’s exacting requirements and budget. We offer competitive rates and unrivaled customer care.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][investment_title align=”left” tag=”h1″ title=”{Why 2Max Group} Limited”]

8+ years of trust

  • We have been serving Kenya companies since 2011
  • We also serve many accounting firms across the Kenya
  • Companies of all sizes trust our service and reliability

Flexible pricing options

  • You can choose either weekly or Monthly pricing option
  • You can set budgeted time for hourly tasks
  • You can also hire exclusive accountants to work for you

Best practice and process

  • We offer ideas and recommendations for your process improvement
  • We will guide you based on our experience with similar businesses like yours
  • We will document your process for future reference and changes

Top quality professionals

  • All our accountants are qualified professionals with many years of experience
  • Our accountants refresh their skills through regular training programmes (for continuous improvement)
  • Our accounting team always work towards your 100% satisfaction

2Max Group: your trusted accounting outsourcing partner

When you choose 2Max group as your outsourcing provider, you don’t get a supplier, instead you get a trusted partner. A partner who will work closely with you, understand your specific goals and help you achieve them. Our only aim is to make outsourcing a happy, successful and rewarding journey for you.

When you plan to outsource any service, you should look for 3 things

  1. Your cost benefits
  2. The expertise your outsourcing partner brings to the table
  3. How outsourcing will benefit you in the longer run

With 2Max Group you will get all the three. You will see immediate cost benefit because our rates are highly competitive in the market. We have several years of experience serving clients all across the Kenya. You could immediately make use of our experience. We will make outsourcing benefit you both in short and long term, with our experience.

Success in outsourcing is based on engaging people with the right expertise to the needy clients in the most flexible terms available. We clearly understand this and our happy clients are the evidence of our claim. 2Max Group is your safest choice when you think about accountancy outsourcing.