Performance & Appraisal

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Performance appraisal management evaluation of department employees is an incentive for employees. Most companies are divided into department performance evaluation and employee performance evaluation. If the relationship between department performance evaluation and employee performance evaluation is not properly handled, it will affect the normal performance of enterprise performance evaluation.Performance Appraisal Management Kenya

The importance of properly coordinating the performance appraisal management evaluation of departments and employees

Performance evaluation is an important basic work for performance management of enterprises. The purpose is to build a fair and reasonable value appraisal mechanism between employees’ value creation and value return in order to improve work efficiency and corporate performance. Employee performance is a component of department and company performance. The realization of employee performance is helpful to the completion of department performance, and the completion of employee performance.

Performance management process

Regardless of the fact that many other HR processes (such as competence management or personnel development) are closely linked to performance management, the performance management process in the narrower sense traditionally has the following three elements:

  • Target definition and target agreement
  • Performance recording / measurement and performance evaluation
  • Link to the incentive system (performance-related remuneration)

Performance management instruments: target agreement etc.

Target agreements are a management tool and an essential part of operational performance management.

The target agreement is often made once a year, but it can also be done in shorter cycles. The type of goals can also differ (material goals vs. development goals, quantitative vs. qualitative goals). In the context of performance management, a distinction is also made between individual goals, team goals, division goals and corporate goals.

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