Statutory Registrations Services

Statutory Registrations Services in Kenya

Statutory Registrations Services in Kenya

2Max Group offers a wide range of statutory registrations services in Kenya to ensure immediate compliance which allows you to focus more on the practical aspects of running a business. We highlight pivotal issues that are conducive for your business growth without overwhelming you with unnecessary statutory paperwork.

The statutory responsibilities of companies do not come to end with only company registration or amendment of documents. Employers need to undertake many statutory registrations in Kenya on behalf of the business and employees.

At 2Max Group, our professionals diligently work with, small to big-cap companies, working towards improving upon their compliance practices in kenya and structures. We also work with various corporate boards to clearly undertake self- assessments and improve upon the oversight processes. With a holistic approach to labor law compliance, risk management and their adherence, we go extra miles to make sure that your business is backed by our viable support.

Our professionals have driven experience from a diversified backgrounds. Years of industrial specialization, exposure and advanced training equip them to work with clients and be their guide in practically all business processes. We completely understand what it takes to be behind your desk and therefore, we completely understand your motives and objectives than anyone else.

We offer a complete range of statutory registrations services in Kenya and consulting services; right from creation of legal entities to procedural compliance. Our decisive team of experts ensures that your business complies with all strategic laws and regulations. We have a knack of understanding of all Kenyan tax regulations.

Registrations are done under the set guidelines of the government and requisite laws, ensuring no chaos or confusion in future. Some of the registration services are as follows:

  • NHIF registration
  • Provident fund registration
  • Tax registration
  • PIN number
  • Trademark
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