VAT Returns Services

What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Value Added Tax is charged on supply of taxable goods or services made or provided in Kenya and on importation of taxable goods or services into Kenya.

Are you struggling with the complex and complicated nature of the VAT returns process? Are you finding it difficult to calculate your input and output VAT calculations and monthly submissions to the tax authorities? Are you looking to outsource VAT return services in Kenya to a reliable VAT return service provider in Kenya? If so, you are in luck, because we provide a complete range of VAT return services.

Our VAT Returns Services

VAT or Value Added Tax is the tax levied on every exchange and is applicable to all activities involved in the production and provisioning of goods and services. VAT returns normally involve the payment due and post deduction of VAT on purchases from the VAT amount charged on the sale.

2Max Group is a leading VAT return service providing company in Kenya and can take care of all your VAT return needs. VAT is often a very tedious and monotonous job for enterprises to handle and is best outsourced. If your organization is looking for expert VAT return services, outsource to 2Max Group Limited.

Our VAT return filing services In Kenya include –

  1. Acting as Your Registered Representative

    We will act as your registered representative with the tax authorities and save you considerable money, effort, and time that you would otherwise have to spend while dealing with the tax authorities.

  2. Helping you Meet All Statutory Obligations

    We help you meet all statutory obligations and also help you avoid paying costly penalties. We make sure that you stay on top of your VAT returns and comply with all regulations.

  3. Up-to-date Record

    We can help you better optimize your tax positions by helping you maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date record of all your sales and purchases from the previous VAT period.

  4. Online VAT Registration

    If you are not registered for VAT and would like to register for it, we can do that for you. Our VAT returns service is targeted towards businesses of all sizes.

  5. Accurate Account Set-up

    We help with accurately setting-up your VAT account and also help you accurately maintain your financial records to comply with all relevant regulations.

  6. Accurate VAT Calculations

    We provide highly-accurate VAT calculations, including input VAT and output VAT calculations. You can relax and focus your energy on growing your business. Outsourcing VAT return services has never been easier.

  7. VAT Returns Submissions

    We help you submit your VAT returns online in a timely manner so that you avoid having to deal with penalties and other liabilities. We always act in your best interest to make sure you do not underpay or overpay your VAT amounts.

  8. VAT De-registration

    Should you need VAT de-registration assistance, we can help with that as well. We can completely de-register you from the VAT scheme.

VAT Returns Process at 2Max Group Limited

The process for customers to file returns through 2Max Group involves the following steps –

01. Files Sent to Us

Income-related documents are sent across by our VAT returns customers through a secure FTP

02. Processing

Payments, receipts, purchases and sales documents are then processed for the entire VAT period

03. Charges Accounted for

Fuel scale charges are included wherever relevant and necessary. Our team is proficient in standard and cash accounting. We can employ either of them according to your requirements

04. VAT Returns Prepared

VAT returns for particular schemes are then prepared

05. Final Reports Delivered

Finally, the updated information is sent across in the requested formats. We can also directly update the information on the financial software if required

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