Warehouse Stocktaking Services

Warehouse Stocktaking Services

Warehouse Stocktakers

2Max Group offer warehouse stocktaking service in many different formats, whether it be to the company that owns and runs the premises or to clients who sub let areas of a warehouse, via bin location and/or item location.


Firstly, the stock would be recorded in several different ways, which includes manual inventory, spreadsheet count or by barcode scanners and laptops.

When we carry out this service, we firstly locate by bin number, product number and then the count, which as the stock count progresses it will highlight stock variances, which can be investigated immediately and resolved to client satisfaction.

Final reports are produced to the clients own specifications and in any format required, the only request we make is that the client provides us with any files or software required.


All product/barcodes and descriptions must be up to date, as should the unit/case prices if you want the stock report to include section and grand totals.

This information/file should be available to us a few days prior to the stocktake.


The file/software that contains all bin locations and areas, where the stock is situated and in a sequenced order, for example A – Z or 1 – 100, and it should include any bins or areas unused or empty, so that if there is stock in these locations, we will know it has been put there by mistake. This will also help when compiling the final report and again, we would need this information/file should be available to us a few days prior to the stocktake.


All stock movement must be suspended at the start of the stock count but can be resumed shortly afterwards once sections/locations of a warehouse have been successfully counted and signed off by the client and ourselves.

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