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Feasibility Study Services

A feasibility study services is an analysis that considers all of a project’s relevant factors—including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully   When considering and planning a potential project, you need to base your decisions on accurate information. Our feasibility study services will help you determine the

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Financial Research Services

2Max Group offers a collection of customized financial research services in kenya to help organizations of all sizes with effective financial research and analysis that requires a keen sense of timing, advanced expertise, risk management skills and a consistently unbiased perspective. Research analysts at 2Max Group help financial teams seeking to outsource advanced research needs

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Market Entry Strategy

One of the best ways for companies to grow is by entering new markets. 2Max Group provides expert help by providing specific market knowledge that facilitates planning, development and execution of market entry strategies in Kenya. A common challenge when entering markets in emerging and developing countries involves language barriers — English is frequently not

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Primary Market Research Services

2Max Group is one of the kenya’s leading providers of unbiased and cost-effective primary market research services in Kenya. Our primary research methods include interviews, test marketing, social media monitoring, on-site research, personalized mail surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups, and computer-assisted interviewing. To provide government organizations and businesses of all sizes with practical access to

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Market Research Services

Market Research Services! Is your business reaching the right demographics, and getting enough conversions? Have you done everything in your power, but your business is still not thriving? If not, irrelevant content could be holding you back. Or perhaps, you do not have the appropriate market research services. Let us ask you a question. Is

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Business Research

Business Research Services Kenya With a decade of understanding and expertise in the domain of Business research services in Kenya and business research consulting, the Informatics Outsourcing team is packed with comprehensive knowledge of every business function critical to an Institution’s success. Our Business research solutions have proved to be critical means of direction for

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Product Research

2Max Group offers comprehensive Product Research Services that identifies crucial market issues that help businesses prepare for successful product design and development. 2Max Group supports companies through every stage of the product design and development process with insights that enable businesses to evaluate ideas, customer demand, and market need. 2Max Group’s Scalable Range of Product

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Market sizing Research

2Max Group provides in-depth market insights in the form of customized Market Sizing Research Services, whether your business is expanding within your existing market, considering entering a new market, or launching new products and services.2Max Group with a team of experienced market research analysts accurately determines market sizing to help organizations better position among their

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Online Market Research

Online Research Services Online research Services leverages the conveniences of the online medium, the biggest advantage being the cost reduction in conducting face-to-face, telephonic, or any other data collection methods. Moreover, the internet gives you a cross-country global access to respondents and eliminates cultural bias and parochial influences on the data collected. With a highly

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Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative Research Services in Kenya It is especially useful in developing hypotheses about consumer motivations and in helping us understand a topic from the consumer’s perspective, in the consumer’s own language.Qualitative research (which is characterized by free-ranging, open-ended interviews among a limited number of respondents) is primarily an exploratory and/or a motivational technique.Decision Analyst emphasizes

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Quantitative Market Research

What is Quantitative Market Research? Quantitative Market Research is a technique to ask questions to the target audience in an organized manner using surveys, polls or questionnaires. Received responses can be analyzed to make well-thought decisions for improving products and services, that will in turn help increase respondent satisfaction levels. Well-founded results can be achieved

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Brand Research Services

2Max Group provides Brand Research Services  to help businesses improve brand messaging, competitiveness, visibility and distinguish their brand to targeted customer segments. Organizations across industries can prepare their brand-driven strategies with confidence using focused, relevant market data and research that provides the useful insights needed to augment decision making and make improvements based on measured

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