2Max Group as a leading research and analysis service provider is equipped with the expertise required to thoroughly analyze customers data for market research. At 2Max Group, we perform behavioral analysis, demographic profiling, target market analysis, as well as customer profiling and gap analysis to draw an exact pattern of customers’ approach.Our team of market research analysts assists businesses with thorough customer analysis ensuring a deep understanding of how to address customers’ need more accurately. We help in digging deep into the details of customer interactions and the relationship between each touch point to evaluate and formulate a dynamic yet insightful pattern.

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What 2Max Group
Offers Under the Umbrella of Customer Analysis

2Max Group offers a range of customer analysis services to empower leadership and activate improved customer experience from within:

Behavioral Analysis

Our teams make use of specialized analytical tools to determine how the consumer selects, purchases, uses and disposes of products and services. We take a closer look at how culture, personality, and lifestyle affect consumer behavior to provide valuable insights

. Demographic Profiles

Our demographic profiling techniques describe market characteristics by observable and measurable factors including age, gender, geographical location, marital status, educational attainment, occupation status, household income, race, and religion.

Need-Gap Analysis

We take a closer look at the unmet needs of consumers, digging deeper into the ideal solution to their needs. We also assess the desired outcomes in supplying that need, discovering how best to adjust service offerings based on those desires.

Market Segmentation

We use market research to identify a business’ ideal target market and customer. Our teams are skilled in developing comprehensive reports covering consumer preferences, motivations, needs, and priorities.

Psychographic Analysis

Our teams are highly experienced in the psychographic analysis. We use this technique to delve into the motivational aspects of buying behavior, offering insight into “why” people gravitate toward a product or service.

Customer Parameters

We are highly skilled in the development of customer parameters reports on a wide variety of parameters, including demographic, lifestyle, risk profile, behavior, and customer stability, in a bit to support modeling and forecasting.

Unique End-Benefits of Availing Our Services

Our thorough approach to customer analysis provides a host of highly sought-after benefits including:

  • As a specialist third-party, we can conduct in-depth analyses without the bias often associated with internal teams.
  • Our dedicated team of professionals is made up of experts in statistical analysis, database development, and marketing. This combined experience ensures thorough and accurate results every time.
  • Our teams make use of a wide variety of industry-specific tools for analyzing, organizing, and visualizing data. Access to these advanced tools can be costly when purchasing usage licenses for internal research teams.
  • Over the years, we have completed several customer analysis projects for organizations of varying sizes. This exposure to variety makes us the ideal outsourcing partner for virtually every business.
  • As a research agency with several high-profile clients, we know how to save our clients time but streamlining the entire customer analysis process from start to finish.
  • We offer flexible resources in the form of dedicated teams, FTEs and on-demand, hourly contracts.

Reach Your Target Customer with 2Max Group’s Customer Analysis Insights

2Max Group helps organizations better serve their customer base by taking a closer look at individual interactions. Contact 2Max Group today to get started on the customer information research and target marketing at competitive pricing.