2Max Group Kenya Ltd

2Max Group provides Brand Research Services  to help businesses improve brand messaging, competitiveness, visibility and distinguish their brand to targeted customer segments. Organizations across industries can prepare their brand-driven strategies with confidence using focused, relevant market data and research that provides the useful insights needed to augment decision making and make improvements based on measured brand performance.

2Max Group’s industry-wide market analyst experience enables our skilled team to assist organizations in building an accessible branding strategy when considering a new name or brand identity, altering customer perception of the brand, experiencing downward pricing, when growth has stalled, when launching new products or services, or when facing new competitors. As a leading Brand Research services provider, 2Max Group finds answers to cohesive questions and guides research processes towards outcomes that strategically optimize brand positioning.

Brand Research Services in Kenya

2Max Group features a customizable service range dedicated to Brand Research Services that stem from years of experience delivering on specialized brand needs throughout varied industries:

Positioning Strategy2Max Group demonstrates how and where you can improve or reshape your business to better align with customers or distinguish from competitors.

Brand Mapping2Max Group builds a detailed overview of your business in relation to the market and how you are positioned by your products, services and competitors.

Perceptual Mapping2Max Group provides comprehensive research surrounding the customer journey behaviors across all touchpoints to align strategies with existing and potential customers.

Brand Value Monitoring2Max Group delivers research-based insight into helping businesses understand how and why people are paying for your brand.

Finding Key Differentiators2Max Group pinpoints key segments that signify specified areas that can be targeted for improvements and adjustments.

Promotional/Marketing Medium Suggestion2Max Group discovers the most viable marketing and promotional mediums per brand objectives and most influential format for targeted customers.

Customer Reaction Gathering2Max Group uses exploratory surveys, testing and research to discover customer reaction to specified areas, including products and services, UX experience, social media presence, and more.

Benefits of Opting 2Max Group’s Brand Research Services

Businesses across the globe are accustomed to the growth and opportunities presented through 2Max Group’s Brand Research Services and rely on the quality and accuracy of research and database creation from our experienced team.

  • Informed Decision Making

Make confident judgements on markets, pricing, positioning, distribution and partnerships.

  • Identify Competition

Identify who your closest competitors are and what sets you apart from them.

  • Capture Target Audience

Explore customer needs, segment them, and determine target audiences.

  • Allocate Marketing Spend

React to changes in brand perception to more effectively allocate spend accordingly.

  • Perception Insights

Learn how customers are feeling and what they are saying about your brand, both positive and negative.

  • Integrated Metrics

One model covers all research, investment and financial performance to easily compare against competitors.

Improve Brand Performance, Positioning and Perception with 2Max Group

Organizations have entrusted 2Max Group’s experience and capabilities to generate the insights needed to elevate brand performance, positioning and perception based on proven research tools such as surveys, focus groups, workshops, social media data, competitive and market intelligence, and much more. Our key market research services are highly developed to drive decision making thanks to our unique solutions, including Brand Research Services, Survey Analysis, Market Entry Strategies, Industry Reports, and Risk Analysis.

Whatever your brand research Services in kenya needs, contact 2Max Group today. We will provide expert, professional service catered specifically to the needs of your company. Do not enter a new market or launch a new product blindly. We can help you decipher existing data or collect new data so you can rise above your competition. CONTACT US TODAY!


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