Salary Survey Services in Kenya

Compete for and keep the talent you need with world-class salary survey services in Kenya and salary bench-marking data across industries, countries and job levels. Getting compensation right is hard. We make it easy.

What is salary survey? services in Kenya

Salary Surveys are tools used to determine the median or average compensation paid to employees in one or more jobs. Compensation data, collected from several employers, is analyzed to develop an understanding of the amount of compensation paid. Surveys may focus on one or more job titles, geographic regions, employer size, and or industries.

Ensure your salaries are competitive

Our salary survey service in Kenya reports contain quartile and decile salary range, job or industry; invaluable information in ensuring your salaries are competitive and attractive.

Salary Benchmarking services

Looking to benchmark pay for your company against direct competitors or the wider market, or want to ensure that you are paying employees consistently and fairly in comparison to the industry?

Fast & accurate pay benchmarking.

An employee’s financial reward is one of the primary motivations for them to come to work; it is also one of the organisation’s highest costs. Achieving the balance that suits both the staff member and benefits the business’ development goals is one of the most difficult skills facing the HR professional.our team can provide fast and accurate salary benchmark reports in Kenya, from which management can base sound and independent reward management decisions.

A leading provider of Salary Survey Services in Kenya.

At 2Max Group, we provide detailed, current market data on salary,compensation and remuneration and benefits across multiple sectors.

Focusing on specific market sectors, we work alongside our existing clients to ensure that our survey models remain fully up-to-date and reflect the industry in its current state. This, together with our rigorous approach to data validation means our clients can be sure the data they receive is a true reflection of the market, its movements and most recent developments. Our approach ensures that you have access to data that will support you when implementing your compensation strategy.

We also provide industry-focused and bespoke data analyses tailored to your specific business requirements.

Regional Salary Surveys

Ideal to see what other businesses in your region are paying, which can aid both recruitment and retention.i.e Nairobi Region, Coast Region, Western Region etc.

Industry Salary Surveys

Offer comprehensive salary survey of different specialist sectors including Charity, Distribution and Transport, Health Sector and Communication etc.

Job Specific Salary Survey

Benchmark salaries and benefits across different business departments.Executive & Managerial/Professional Salary and Benefits Survey etc

Why participate in salary survey Services in Kenya and access reliable salary benchmarking data?

  • Getting compensation right and simultaneously maximizing return on investment is a consistent and ongoing challenge for employers.
  • Talent is in short supply, so it’s important to understand what rewards employees value.
  • Insights from salary surveys in Kenya help you keep pace with rapidly shifting talent markets and compensation trends related to critical skills, contingent workers and automation.
  • Salary data help employers modernize their Total Rewards so they can successfully attract and retain coveted talent.
  • Never lose Staff Again!

Never lose Staff Again!

If you are worried about losing staff as a result of pay, 2Max Group is here to provide you with competitive salary survey services in Kenya and benchmarking service in Kenya to help you reduce staff turnover. Not only that, when you are looking to recruit new talent, this information can be an asset in attracting the best candidates.

As new data comes in, it is assimilated to then be used with other data held and filtered by industry, company turnover, number of employees, county, function and job level; to provide an indication as to what level of pay can be offered to staff to either meet or surpass the median. This data is then published in the form of salary surveys at varying times throughout the year. As reports are published annually and bi-annually, we provide a formula to help you calculate – on average – how much the data is likely to fluctuate over the short-term

Custom salary data and analytics

When you need enhanced support and analytics, we can act as an extension of your team to provide custom salary data and analytics including regression analysis, salary structure design, executive pay assessments, custom surveys designed to address your specific objectives, multi-country reviews, organizational structures and workforce analytics and so much more.

Easy-to-use job matching methodology

We use a consistent global methodology of career bands/levels and global grades to help you align your internal structures across numerous entities and locations and with external market pay levels.

Why 2Max Group Data Intelligence?

From survey submission to job evaluation and everything in between, we bring a powerful combination of market-leading salary survey data, enterprise-strength rewards technology, and industry expertise to your pay programs — giving you everything you need to get compensation right for your organization.

Frequently Asked Question

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2Max Group is one of Kenya’s leading salary survey company in Kenya. We design and conduct tailored salary surveys for clients. In addition, we have a database of published salary survey data from which we can draw competitive pay information to assist clients in updating their pay practices.

Why is salary benchmarking important

Salary is often the difference between retaining employees and losing talent to your competitors. Benchmarking salary offers employers invaluable insight into how other companies within the same sector are structuring their own pay and benefits packages. Particularly in the case of executives and directors, it can be difficult to quantify the true value of an employee’s pay package due to the variety of benefits included in their contract and the small sample size, making simple salary searches inaccurate.

Salary benchmarking considers and separates the different elements of these benefits packages, giving organisations a much clearer understanding of what other executives are being offered in addition to their standard pay. This information can often be key for increasing employee engagement, reducing staff turnover and attracting high-quality talent.

How do you start salary benchmarking?

When covering lower level or more common positions, a salary benchmarking survey can help to highlight the difference between employee pay grades. These surveys vary in approach, usually drawing data from a specific industry or role.

When dealing with more senior positions, the additional benefits offered make simple salary surveys less accurate, so it’s best to opt for a specialised executive salary benchmarking service instead, as this will break down every aspect of an individual’s pay and benefits package.

How do you conduct an effective salary survey services in Kenya?

The first step requires you to define the labour market to know what jobs and opportunities are out there in the market. You will be required to compile detailed descriptions of the jobs you have in your organization that you need data on, this will ensure your search is precise and accurate.

What is the importance of salary survey services to the employees?

Survey data provides a relevant basis for HR’s decisions on salary, incentives, and bonus plans when meeting with senior management and employees. HR professionals will be more confident when communicating changes in pay knowing that their decisions were based on current market data that includes industry peers.

What are the objectives of salary survey services in Kenya?

A salary survey is a tool specifically for remuneration specialists and managers to define a fair and competitive salary for the employees of a company. The survey output is data on the average or median salary for a specific position, taking into consideration the region, industry, company size, etc.

What is the purpose of compensation survey?

Compensation survey is the breakdown process of a complete salary package of an individual. It helps the employer to segment every salary component and benefits associated with an employee