Corporate Training Services

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We are the Top in Corporate Training, Best Corporate Training Institute in Nairobi, Corporate Training Firms

Skills development is important is an organization wishing to see its growth double every year must put efforts towards arranging effective training programs, workshops, and team coaching at regular intervals.

2Max Group, known for Best corporate training in Kenya. We have more than 10 years experienced corporate trainers to provide corporate training programs in across Kenya. We can organize corporate trainers in short span of time to meet urgent requirements of corporate companies in Kenya, We have been quotes as Best corporate training company in Kenya. Our comprehensive training ensures that your employees are well versed with the versatility in there workplace can manage there work efficiently.

2Max Group is a leading corporate training company in India which provides Leadership Training Programs, Sales Training Programs, Motivational Training Programs, Time Management Training, Stress Management Training, Conflict Management Training, Negotiation Skills Training, Team Building Training for individuals, enterprises & institutions. Know more about the global leader!

Advantages of 2Max Group Corporate Training in Kenya

Dedicated Corporate Training Managers to meet your requirements
More than 10 years experienced corporate trainers
Lowest Rates and big savings to your budget
Able to handle any number of employees
Delivery on Time with High quality training
Motivating People to Achieve Personal & Professional Success

We have more than 10 + Trainers

Each Trainer is Expert in particular Domain

We Offer for Corporate Training Services Programs

Leadership Training Programs

Sales Training Programs

Motivational Training Programs

Time Management Training

Stress Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Negotiation Skills Training

Team Building Training

Cross Cultural Communication & Business Etiquette

  • Appreciate the importance and need for developing professional business etiquette and social skills
  • Develop a Global Perspective of Cultural Dimensions
  • Use specific indices to analyze the cultural differences between nations
  • Executive Business & Social Etiquette Bringings Pizzaz & Punch to The Office –
  1. Develop a Holistic Perspective of Cultural Dimensions and the Art of Socializing in the Business Circuit Managing Effectively Motivating , IInspiring,Collaborating & Leading People
  2. Continuously evolve people through the ability to deliver performance of individuals and teams at noticeably higher levels.
  3. Help people find solutions for themselves by thorough self-involvement as a manager, exploring options together.
  4. Harness individual capabilities towards overall organizational success, by putting the business objectives in synch with personal interests.
  5. Developing People through the use of Situational Management in order to optimize the success of the result and create an open and safe environment for personal and professional growth of the people.
  6. Managing For Success @ Work A Professional Competence Development Journey
  • Communicating Success –
  1. Vision : To develop a guiding vision to guide the course of life.
  2. Direction : Develop personal stratagem that goes into charting life’s course-Investigate the Past & Invent the Future
  3. Personal Impact : Transacting WIN-WIN solutions
  • Team Temperament
  1. Investing In Team Relationships: Competitive Collaboration.
  2. Building Team Effectiveness: Evolving people to deliver performance of individuals and teams at noticeably higher levels. Leading People to Personal & Professional Effectiveness.
  • Develop Perspective / A Guiding vision and the Need to Plan Develop A Structure and Attitude For Success
  • Differentiate between Strategy and Tactics : Managing Seamlessly Learn Lessons in Excellence and Modern Management
  • Understand and Manage one’s own Conflict Management styles and how to balance Assertiveness with Working Relationships
  • Understand how to develop Ambassadorial Interpersonal Communication Transactions.
  • Demonstrate Situational Leadership Flexibility whilst developing people through the use of Situational Management
  • At The Steering Wheel Of Life
  • Motivating People to Reach Beyond the Mundane & Rigour of Life to Aspire &
    Achieve Personal & Professional Success
  • Develop a guiding vision or a “star” to guide the course of life.Personal stratagem that go into charting life’s course
  • Identify the benefits of planning and setting goals in personal and professional life Discover how to consistently maintain these strategies across difficult terrain especially in conflict and how to adapt them.
  • Effective and powerful interpersonal communication transactions the “SITARA” way.
  • Apply communication techniques successfully at work while handling multiple reporting assignments To become someone who makes things happen
  • Understand how to develop Ambassadorial Interpersonal Communication Transactions.
  • Demonstrate Situational Leadership Flexibility whilst developing people through the use of Situational Management.
  • Asserting Interpersonal Prowess
  • Managing Powerful Relationships
  • Achieving Assertive Professional Interpersonal Equilibrium driven by Open & Transparent Relationships, Emotional Maturity and the ability to Work with Others in Competitive- Collaboration
  • Masterminding Mentoring Manoeuvres
  • Customer Service & Consultative Selling Skills: Creating Wealth For The Customer & The Company Corporate Training
  • Negotiation Skills: Winning Ways To The Customer’s Purse
  • The Winning Edge: Putting Your Competences to Work
  • Redefining The Edge Of Excellence: Reframing Personal Development Paradigms
  • Making & Managing Miracle Teams: Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Time Management: Managing Self & Managing Task
  • Business Communication: Communication- The Currency of Success
  • Presentation Skills: Putting Your Best Self Forward
  • Creativity & You: A Primer Workshop
  • Training The Trainer: Grooming Home Grown Princes
  • Influentza: Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills (IEIS)

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