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The Importance of Performance Management in Kenya

As a business owner, performance management is critical to making decisions related to training, career development, compensation, transfers, promotions, and termination. It allows you to set clear goals and expectations for each employee and provide feedback about their performance related to those goals.

Performance management is also valued by employees, as it can offer opportunities for them to grow within your organization and advance their career. Employers who don’t actively provide feedback and opportunities for training and advancement could risk losing quality talent or finding themselves in the crosshairs of a wrongful termination claim.

Employee performance review.

Employee Performance Management Services

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) like 2Max Group can take on the administrative burdens associated with managing employees. Plus, our team of HR experts ensures your employee policies are in line with all legal regulations and policies to best protect you from unexpected fines that hurt revenue and profits. You’ll retain full control over your employees, while we help make those decisions easier for you.

2max Group offers comprehensive employee performance management services, including:

Job Descriptions

Writing quality job descriptions is critical to attracting top talent to your organization. We’ll ensure your job ads not only grab the attention of job seekers, but also set clear expectations right from the start.

New Hire Paperwork

Employment contracts,Employment Eligibility Verification, employee handbook acknowledgement, the list goes on—the amount of new hire paperwork you need to obtain can be confusing and burdensome. Let us take on the administrative burden of collecting new employee information for you.

Performance Reviews

Conducting an appraisal or performance review allows you to set goals and expectations and provide feedback employees need to succeed within your organization. We’ll help you document reviews to not only keep your employees’ performance in check, but also to protect you against any claims.

Employee Rewards Programs

Rewards and recognition programs can be a great way to show appreciation and motivate employees. We’ll help you create a system for rewarding exceptional performance, whether it’s through a pay raise, job promotion, or other incentive.


Whether you are increasing an employee’s responsibilities, pay scale, or both, promoting employees can help boost their morale and productivity. We’ll help you review the job description for the new position, establish clear policies, and implement any pay changes.


Transfer policies allow employees to move horizontally within the company. We’ll help you take the necessary steps for the employee to efficiently make the switch to a different position, department, or location.


Firing an employee may not be enjoyable, but it’s important that’s it’s done legally and gracefully. Our HR experts can help you create a termination policy and release form and act as a witness to make your business stronger and safer.


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