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As investment firms and investors constantly search for the “right” stocks, finding the “right” source for equity research services becomes a periodic challenge. As an experienced investment research partner,2Max Group provides one of the most cost-effective and timely sources when investment companies are looking for practical research solutions.2Max Group understands that in-house equity research teams often face special challenges such as these:

  • During peak earnings seasons and special financial events, it is difficult for a lean equity research team to “cover all the bases” without sacrificing overall performance.
  • Sell-side firms are ideally striving to increase internal time spent on idea generation and face-to-face communication with clients and decrease time devoted to maintenance research.
  • Buy-side firms are regularly seeking new and better ways to improve investor profitability even in uncertain markets.

At 2Max Group, our team of equity research experts is devoted to providing independent and objective research that meets the highest analyst standards — particularly with a view toward compliance and transparency. We are proud of our ability to provide equity research services that are customized for each client’s investment strategies, goals and business environment. Our services include a high degree of primary research. Here are specific examples of our equity research services.

Equity Research Firm Services

Equity research is a critical component for investment banking firms and other investment organizations – while you might not need or want help in each of these 16 research service areas, the company is capable of helping you immediately when you do need help in any of these areas:

Company Reports

Our research team can provide detailed equity research reports that include valuations, capital structure, historical performance analysis, risk-related data and dividend summaries.

Financial Modeling

Depending on your requirements, this can include equity valuation models, sensitivity analyses using different scenarios, financial forecasts, discounted cash flow and leveraged buyout modeling.

Enterprise Grading

We can provide small and medium enterprise grading for both listed and non-listed companies.

Earnings Analysis

We can produce a quality assessment of earnings, variance analysis, and comparable company earnings data.

Idea Generation

Our team is constantly screening, data mining and using multi-level filters to come up with innovative investment ideas.

Sector Reports

We look in depth into specific sectors by performing SWOT analysis, industry peers analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis and sub-sector analysis.

Corporate Restructuring Reports

We can help facilitate your search for critical data that will support or refute increased valuation via spin-offs, carve-outs, and split-offs.

Regular Updates

We can help clients keep up with the constant flow of economic and financial data with newsletters, quarterly updates, and event-based flash notes.

Company Profiles

2Max Group profiles can cover desired parameters that often include management overviews, recent events, trend analysis and a discussion of business strategy.

Technical Analysis

Our equity research team provides technical stock analysis such as trading patterns, trend lines, volume analysis and daily/weekly technical calls.

IPO Grading

2Max Group can assess Initial Public Offerings from announcement to completion with analysis such as company valuations and forecasts.

Fundamental Analysis

2Max Group prepares fundamental stock analysis featuring earnings analysis, background research, competitor analysis, management interviews, customer reviews and financial statements.

Thematic Research

We can analyze macro themes and produce investment thesis analyses.

Multiple Industries

2Max Group is skilled at focusing on specific industries such as technology or healthcare as needed.

Portfolio Analysis

Aid in analyzing tactical and strategic asset allocation strategies so that diversification is achieved with optimal risk-return.

Customer Support

2Max Group can provide regular conference calls, methodology explanations, Q&A sessions and active client communication.

Benefits of Hiring Equity Research Consultants Group

As you compare your different equity research options, here are the major benefits of choosing private equity research analyst as your partner:

  • We provide renowned equity research services on a worldwide basis – serving both buy-side and sell side firms in different industries and locations.
  • We act as an independent research provider – providing unbiased research without any underlying conflicts of interest.
  • We have already assembled a team of equity research experts – available without the need for you to hire any new employees.
  • 2Max Group is experienced at handling data-heavy research tasks such as data mining and data management – leaving our clients with more time to handle daily tasks with the highest priority.
  • Repeatedly produced a consistent research methodology and successful stock-picking approach over the years – demonstrating a forward-looking and sound emphasis on future profitability for clients without ignoring an equally important need for prudent attention to risk analysis.
  • Always have our team of equity research professionals ready to deliver when you need help – allowing our clients the flexibility to call upon us during their busiest periods.
  • Adept at blending primary research and customized research according to strategic goals of each client – giving clients the individualized attention that is increasingly difficult to find when dealing with other research firms.

2Max Group: When You Want the Best Quality and Cost

Investment firms are always thinking of the bottom line and how it impacts their investors and investment performance. Improving your equity research and paying close attention to how much it really costs you is a prudent strategy – and selecting 2Max Group is a practical way to improve your bottom line for research. CONTACT US TODAY!

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