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Financial Advisory Services

Proper planning and allocation of funds can be quite nerve-wracking for anyone. A financial advisor is an expert that helps at each stage from planning to constructing a portfolio of assets. Financial advisory services in Kenya consist of a team of qualified professionals that provide advice on how to manage money and assets efficiently. Financial advisory services can include a whole host of individuals such as certified financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, and certified public accountants.


Why Avail Financial Advisory Services?

A good financial advisory service provider will enquire about the goals, understand your debts, income, and expenses, and create an optimum plan to reach the target most efficiently. We are listing below all the details on how a good financial advisor helps in each stage of business:

  • Helps in Attaining Goals – A financial advisor can brainstorm and understand your financial goals. Then the advisor curates a plan of action to attain those long-term goals.
  • Expertise – Financial advisors are professionals who know about investment and money management more than most people. They hold the expertise and can guide better financial decisions.
  • Accountability – Financial advisors hold in-depth knowledge about the financial market and help avoid making emotional decisions for the use of the funds.
  • Advice – As their name suggests, financial advisors provide strategic solutions for the efficient utilization of funds and can advise on all kinds of financial matters. Also as the business evolves, a financial advisor can alter the financial plan in alignment with the current situation of the business to achieve optimum results.
  • Management – Most businesses are unaware of proper financial management and monitoring of funds and they hire a financial advisor to do so on their behalf. They make sure that the money is deployed most efficiently and yields maximum results.

Types of Financial Advisory Services

As we mentioned earlier, the multiple services financial advisory services in Kenya offer several services, some may offer in isolation or some may offer a combined package.

  • Investment Management – Resurgent India is a pioneer in Financial Advisory services and offers impeccable investment management services. Our team of experts helps in the allocation of assets by optimizing portfolio performance and minimizing losses. At Resurgent India, we conduct in-depth research on the business and help in establishing personalized goals. Once the goals are set, our panel of professionals drafts a cohesive and comprehensive financial plan to achieve those goals.
  • Risk Management – High-net-worth individuals who invest their funds in diverse markets are prone to numerous financial risks. These risks include both diversifiable and non-diversifiable risks. Non-Diversifiable risks are contingent and unavoidable; these affect the entire market. Smart financial advisors develop an investment portfolio that is created to minimize the effect of such risks. One can completely avoid diversifiable risks with smart investment strategies. At Resurgent India, we use multiple such strategies to control investment risk. Our team regularly conducts scenario tests on the portfolio to gauge all kinds of future possibilities. Our team ensures that the portfolios of our clients fall under the comfort zone category at all points of time.
  • Retirement Planning – One always wishes to safeguard their assets which they have worked their whole life to generate them. A smart financial advisory firm ensures optimum allocation and utilization of funds by forming a realistic strategy to safeguard and grow wealth.
  • Estate Planning – Estate planning is one of the most integral parts of financial management planning, which any financial advisory plays for a business. The whole process is critical and needs expert knowledge to conduct it efficiently. The process is complicated because the wealth has to be distributed appropriately among beneficiaries along with ensuring enough wealth is left to support their own lifestyle. The role of a good financial advisor is to secure and protect wealth so that the heirs are duly financially secured.
  • Financial Planning – It is meaningless to earn high returns and pay high taxes. A good financial advisor knows how to allocate funds to save on taxes and avoid losing any more money. At Resurgent India, our team of financial planners will help create a financial model in alignment with the business strategy.

Our advice process.

  1. Establishing your investing outcomes and goal.
  2. Getting a picture of your current financial position.
  3. Analyzing your situation and suggesting the right investments for you.
  4. Delivering your financial plan.
  5. Monitoring your investments and staying on track, changing as we need to.

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