2Max Group Kenya Ltd

2Max Group offers a collection of customized financial research services in kenya to help organizations of all sizes with effective financial research and analysis that requires a keen sense of timing, advanced expertise, risk management skills and a consistently unbiased perspective.

Research analysts at 2Max Group help financial teams seeking to outsource advanced research needs are often motivated by a desire to reduce costs, save time or improve quality.

Understanding competitors and then staying ahead of the competition is increasingly vital to business success. 2Max Group helps its clients operate more effectively with competitive intelligence and specialized financial research services like investment memorandum consulting.

Reshaping Global Finance Research With Comprehensive Solutions

2Max Group comes backed with customized research spanning across geographies, sectors and asset classes to provide economic, thematic, and strategic financial research services. While allowing you to use your internal resources and funds for more effectively, we bring you the latest in technology and research to help you improve your bottom line. Our comprehensive research services include –

  1. Corporate Finance Support

    We work closely with the clients to help them with strategic corporate finance support services. Our services can you concentrate on your core activities and ensure to improve the cash flow and profitability.

  2. Asset Management Support

    We provide a plethora of asset management support services which are customized to suit your business requirements. We plan a comprehensive strategy and pick the right services for our clients and ensure maximum ROI.

  3. Business Valuation Services

    Our business valuation professionals provide our client with high-quality business valuation services which will ensure that you get a practical insight about strategic and operational affairs along with complex legal and financial issues.

  4. Investment Research

    We provide our clients with quality and niche investment research services at a highly affordable cost. We provide a useful insight which will help in quality assurance and high-end investment research services.

  5. Buy Side Equity Research Services

    Our team helps buy side forms overcome the dilemma about the correct balance between technological developments and the cost incurred. Our cost-effective services help clients to meet their desired research objectives.

  6. Sell Side Research

    We provide the best quality sell side research services to commercial banks, investment bankers, stock brokers, etc. We understand different businesses and their requirements with ease and provide customized services.

  7. Fixed Income Research

    We have the required expertise and experience to provide quality fixed income research services which will help you comply with global standards while handling corporate bonds and securities, and analyzing credit risks.

  8. Investment Banking Support

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide quality investment banking support services which will help clients to boost profitability and efficiency. Our services can be customized to fit every client’s unique business requirements.

  9. Credit Research

    2Max Group evaluates credit opportunities, risks as well as possible threats and helps investors take better informed decisions to avoid any loss. We also provide business plans for long term investment opportunities with ensured returns.

  10. Investment Memorandum Consultation

    We have over 10 years of experience in providing our clients with the best quality investment memorandum consultation services. Our services help them to save time and money with our methodical approach to investment memorandums.

  11. Equity Research

    2Max Group provides initiation & maintenance research reports for the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side based on qualitative and quantitative assessment. Our team of research analysts come with varied industry expertise and provide inputs on hedge fund, investment banking and equity research combined.

  12. Financial Analysis

    We provide our clients with detailed financial data analysis that helps in preparing highly accurate precise financial statements. Our services are tweaked and customized to meet each client’s unique business requirements.

  13. Financial Research Reports

    By using our two-decade-long experience in the financial research domain, we provide you with quality financial research reports. Our reports will help you expedite your decision-making process at an affordable price.

  14. Financial Modeling

    We have the required skills and bandwidth to provide clients with quality financial modeling services which will take a considerable amount of load off our clients. Our strategic global presence helps in delivering quality services at an affordable price.

  15. Financial Advisory

    Our financial advisory services have helped clients to provide quality cross-border transactions and explore several opportunities across various geographies. Our services have helped clients to reduce time and costs and improve profitability by a considerable amount.

  16. Forex Market Research Services

    We provide robust forex market research services that help businesses stay informed about the ever-evolving trade conditions and global markets. We evaluate factors such as geographical dispersion, large trading volumes, and profit margins to provide our clients with the expert forex market research services they have come to depend on us for.

  17. Financial Risk Analysis Services

    We provide comprehensive and in-depth financial risk analysis services that provide critical insights from relevant data to help you evaluate and take measures to address potential financial risks in the market. Our frameworks for financial risk analytics and in-depth reporting for actionable risk management allow you to take timely actions against any activity that might lead to financial instability.

  18. Gap Analysis Services

    2Max Group is an expert gap analysis service providing company with 22 years of experience in catering to the business needs of numerous clients. We are equipped with a large and efficient team of financial and market research analysts who carry out an in-depth assessment of your business and your goals along with the current performance to provide you with the business intelligence that helps your business reach where you wish to reach.

  19. Financial Feasibility Analysis Services

    If you’re planning to make investments in real estate, mass transit, open space, and infrastructure, you would need a feasibility study done beforehand to be sure you aren’t investing in a basket with a hole in its bottom. This is where professional economic feasibility and financial feasibility analysis service provider like O2I comes into the picture. We take a professional approach to help you perceive opportunities and risks in advance.

  20. Credit Risk Modeling Services

    How secure is your credit portfolio amid uncertainties? Are your assets well protected in evolving standards? We will help you iron out all concerns with expert credit risk modeling services so you can perceive the risk and adjust your approach to overcome challenges.

  21. Retail Brokerage Research

    Our efficient team of analysts aid with a range of retail brokerage research services that help clients comprehend competitors and opportunities side by side. This in turn helps them gather better understanding in how it can possibly impact business and profit in both short and long-term investment prospects.

  22. Derivatives Offshoring

    Whether you are interested in offshoring derivatives for the investments made on the behalf of your company’s clients, or for the assets held by your firm, 2Max Group can help you find the best opportunities based on the current market conditions.

  23. Commodities Research

    2Max Group provides insights on commodity trends for different markets both globally as well as locally. Our research and analysis helps chalk out appropriate strategies to help you make wise investment decisions.

  24. Retail Risk Analytics

    We at 2Max Group, offer exhaustive research services on retail risks involved in your present investment plans. We offer risk analysis on regulations, geographies, market competition and channel disruptions that present major risk for retail sector.

  25. Private Wealth Management

    2Max Group offers comprehensive private wealth management services that help client materialize short, medium and long-term financial goals. We work with both high net worth clients as well as brokerage firm to come up with unimpeachable wealth management research services that are result driven.

  26. Fundamental Analytics

    Along with a full featured analytics service, 2Max Group also offers fundamental indicators and competitor analysis that provide clients with the right kind of base for any investment opportunity.

As investment firms and investors constantly search for the “right” stocks, finding the “right” source for equity research services becomes a periodic challenge.


2Max Group is the preferred Investment Research Services partner for a diverse group of clients throughout the world — private equity firms, investment banks

In a complex financial environment, 2Max Group provides unbiased and accurate credit research services that play an important role in bond market success for ,