What is HR Consultancy?

HR Consultancy Services in Kenya is Specialist advice and services provided by a third party to help businesses maximize the efficiency of their HR operations and implement appropriate new policies and procedures in the best way possible. Companies often value their ability to bring an outsider’s objective view.

HR consultancies are often brought in to address a particular problem or deficit. They are tasked with assessing, auditing, proposing, and implementing policies designed to address the shortage and drive organizational change.

The industry is dominated by major multinational companies, although small and medium-sized businesses are also in operation.

Providing the proper support for your HR Consultancy Services in Kenya

Suppose the right human resources services in Kenya can help your business thrive. We have a lot to play with our expertise in HR consulting services in Kenya. We provide quality services in HR consultancy based on timely delivery ( TAT IS OF 24 HRS) of performance, and deliverable results are agreed upon.

2Max Group offers all HR consulting services in Kenya regardless of client headcount or location.
2Max Group understands how your organization thrives or flounders on the quality of your people. We are experts in creating award-winning organizational cultures. We have successfully tackled some of the most severe administrative issues imaginable to help companies grow and deliver their business plans.

List of HR services that can be Outsourced:

  • Analyze your business needs
  • Training & Development
  • Career Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Provide you with the proper support through HR Consultancy Services in Kenya, mustering the right kind of human resources that you need exactly
  • HR Department Outsourcing
  • HR for Startups and SMEs
  • Performance Management System Design
  • Job Description Writing
  • Compensation
  • Performance Issues
  • Setting Up the HR department
  • Employee Leave Administration
  • Provide the ultimate recruitment solution based on our rich expertise in the domain, skills, and knowledge of job consulting.
  • Help your organization find suitable candidates through a simple and result-oriented process so you can concentrate on your business’s core activities.

Our Aim

As one of the leading hr consulting firms in Kenya, we aim to provide you with the right kind of support in various areas of human resources management that could drive more value to your business.

The areas in which we offer our expertise in HR consulting services in Kenya include:

  • HR Consulting – Understanding the specific requirements of our clients and providing them with prospective candidates to suit the job profile. The process we follow starts with collecting resumes suited to the job profile, shortlisting them, and forwarding them to our clients.
  • AWe are achieving our HR Goal – Helping your HR department to concentrate on screening the resumes according to merit and arranging interviews. We also help in the selection process that can drive success in business instead of merely engaging in managerial tasks.
  • Sourcing of candidate profiles: We are partnered with all top job portals, LinkedIn, and Internal Database, which are our sources of collecting data on candidates whose profiles exactly match the job requirements.
  • Our screening process, Verifying background and making the correct assessment, is done through our Developed Pre Screening Checking procedures.
  • Corporate Training – We have done various Corporate Workshops with multiple companies. We have trainers who have training experience with Fortune 500 Companies.

You can safely depend upon our HR consulting services in Kenya to ensure that all your HR needs are fulfilled to drive value to your business and achieve your business goals while mitigating company risk.

The Benefits of Outsourcing HR

From payroll management to achieving decent industrial relations, the job of an HR administrator is quite tedious and stressful. With the advent of HR outsourcing services, companies can indeed get a few essential benefits as follows;

  • By outsourcing your company’s HR needs, you will spare sufficient time to focus on your business’s long-term goals, which are vital for its growth.
  • The complete hiring process will turn seamless and direct for business owners and leaders as the company gets employees from the hands of experts.
  • While your business might find it hard to get experienced and well-educated human resources from the market, HR consulting companies will do this easily.

Besides that, our company will also benefit you by providing exclusive HR and business privileges, such as health insurance claims, termination policies, 401(k) plans, annual auditing, and more.

How Does HR Outsourcing Reduce Cost?

Hiring an employee into the office is not easy. From time constraints to filling the skill gaps with the right talent, many procedures must be followed. However, budget is another prime concern for companies, especially startups and budding businesses. In that case, HR outsourcing services are the best way to reduce excess costs. It is because recruiting a person involves spending capital for:

  • Training
  • International expertise.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Employment terms.

But these can be facilitated with the support of reputable HR outsourcing companies like ours. We guarantee to help you spend your cash on external HR expenditures, workers’ compensation costs, and salaries. So, get access to the best talent in your domain for affordable pricing here!

Hire the Best HR Consulting Company

Unlike other service providers who work either on payroll management or talent acquisition, we at 2Max Group do both. The compliance to deliver multiple HR outsourcing services is helping us create real value for your business.

We work with all critical executives from any organization, depending on your HR needs. Our broad pool of recruiters and HR managers will aid you:

  1. To get new expertise for your company
  2. Or we can also make appropriate adjustments to your existing firm’s organizational culture.