HR consulting services

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Providing the right support for your human resources

If it is the right kind of human resources that can help your business thrive, then we have a lot to play with our expertise in HR consulting services in Kenya, providing quality services in HR consultancy which are based upon timely delivery ( TAT IS OF 24 HRS) of results in both performance and deliverable which are agreed upon.

We offer all HR consulting services in Kenya regardless of client headcount or location.
We understand how your organisation thrives or flounders on the quality of your people. We are experts in creating award-winning organisational cultures. We have successfully tackled some of the most serious organisational issues imaginable to help companies grow and deliver their business plans.

List of HR Consulting services we do:

  • Analyze your business needs
  • Training & Development
  • Career Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Provide you the right support through HR Consultancy Services in Kenya mustering the right kind of human resources that you exactly need
  • HR Department Outsourcing
  • HR for Start-Ups and SMEs
  • Performance Management System Design
  • Job Description Writing
  • Compensation
  • Performance Issues
  • Setting Up HR department
  • Employee Leave Administration
  • Provide the ultimate solution in recruitment, based upon our rich expertise on domain, skills and knowledge on job consulting.
  • Help your organization find the right candidates through a simple and result-oriented process so that you are able to concentrate upon the core activities of your business.

Our Aim

As one of the leading hr consulting firms in Kenya, our aim is to provide you the right kind of support in various areas of manpower management that could drive more value to your business.

The areas on which we offer our expertise in HR consulting services in Kenya, include:

    • HR Consulting – Understanding the specific requirements of our clients and provide them with prospective candidates to suit the job profile. The process we follow stats with collecting resumes suited to the hob profile, shortlist them and forward them to our clients.
    • Achieving the HR Goal – Helping your HR department to concentrate on screening the resumes according to merit and arranging interviews. We also help in the process of selection that can drive success in business instead of merely engaging in managerial tasks.
    • Sourcing of candidate profiles: We are partnered with all top job portals , LinkedIn, and Internal Database which are our sources of collecting data of candidates whose profiles exactly matches with the job requirements.
    • Our process of screening, Verification of background and making the correct assessment is done through our Developed Pre Screening Checking processes so that we are able to provide pre-screened candidates to speed up hiring needs. We also have Applicant Tracking System.
    • Corporate Training – We have done various Corporate Workshops with various companies.We have trainers who have training experience with Fortune 500 Companies.

You can safely depend upon our HR consulting services in Kenya to ensure that all your HR needs are fulfilled in order to drive value to your business and achieve your business goals while mitigating the company risk.


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