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Market Research Services!

Is your business reaching the right demographics, and getting enough conversions? Have you done everything in your power, but your business is still not thriving?

If not, irrelevant content could be holding you back. Or perhaps, you do not have the appropriate market research services.

Let us ask you a question.

Is your business making enough profit?

Well, we’re willing to bet the answer to this question will be a big NO!

No marketer has ever said or claimed that they have made enough profit and are done with their tactics. We are greedy and lazy. It is in human nature. We would always want to make more and more money to become successful.

And what is it that makes businesses “successful?” Did you know flourishing businesses track analytics?

However, the one solution that matters the most in business across all industries is CUSTOMERS!

This is where market research services Kenya come in! 

For successful marketing campaigns, your audience should feel connected with your content. For this, you need to understand your audience better than your competitors.

How We Handle Your Market Research Needs…

Market research services in kenya includes gathering, examining, and deciphering data about products, markets, and customers, be it past customers, present customers, or potential customers.

Marketing research services conduct relevant research on attributes and ways of managing the money, location, and necessities of your business’s target market, the industry in general, and your specific contenders.

Detailed Market Research That Grows Businesses

We offer renowned market research solutions specializing in quantitative and qualitative market research for small as well as Fortune 500 companies.

2Max Group personalized market research services are tailored to the unique dynamics of your business. Rather than following the one size fits all approach, we make sure to do an in-depth analysis of your market and audience. We conduct a deep analysis of your business to discover otherwise unknown market opportunities and anticipate potential challenges.

We know, your clients are more intricate than insights propose. Clients need to be heard, and it is just through meeting and perception that we can genuinely observe the thinking behind your information. Utilizing qualitative market research, which incorporates techniques such as in-depth interviews and focus groups, gives you a full image of your clients and customers.

Here are the types of our market research services:

  • Customer interviews
  • Full-service survey design & management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market opportunity assessments

At 2Max Group, you, our clients, are our utmost priority.

Connecting Consumers With Businesses

We empower your business to meet the demand of your customers with the right strategies and innovations. Our chief focus is to help you understand your customers, so they know about your product and services and can relate to them.

We have developed a rich experience over many years in consulting and researching for local as well as international brands across all industries. So, whether you a budding start-up or a flourishing Fortune 500 company, we have the skills and dedication to grow your brand and reach it to wide masses.

Since we take pride in putting our customers first, we treat our client’s business like ours and do everything in our supremacy to make it a remarkable success. By using cutting-edge and innovative technology, we strive to stay on top so we can give the best to our clients. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our team provides a sheer level of professionalism and take heed in keeping you in the loop with the progress of your project.

How We Use Marketing Research In Customer-Centric Marketing

We can utilize your market research to develop customized content and messaging to make sure your customers are getting exactly what they are looking for. For prioritizing your needs first, we put the needs of your clients first. We give them the special treatment they expect, which will, in turn, convert your leads into sales.

Types of Market Research

  • Qualitative Market Research Services

Our team conducts qualitative research to increase in-depth knowledge of various inquiries. We use various tools to conduct this research, including face to face interviews, and research or observational study.

By embracing qualitative research, you can explore the expectations, inspirational factors, and explanations of how your target audience behaves. This type of research helps in the simple introduction of inquiries identifying the why and how of the distinctive market patterns and brand matters as opposed to just depending on the basic facts.

  • Quantitative Market Research Services

Analyzing the quantitative aspects of your business can result in insights that further the growth of your brand and customer base. The key hotspots for performing this research include a social media analysis, polls, previously researched data, and surveys.

The quantitative research technique for researching the market offers the genuinely necessary numerical information and the least imperative benchmark to dissect and chart success in the wake of considering the brand interest, viability, and the productivity of the campaigns.

Importance of Market Research Services

We are one of the best market research companies around you, and we strive to give you the following:

  • Identifying Budding Problems 

If you own a start-up, you must be evident to the issues that have hindered your growth. If you don’t address those problems at an early stage, they are likely to become a big issue.

Utilizing market research, potential issues are distinguished and tended to before they get out of control. We have advanced knowledge of the latest market trends, which will be beneficial in creating result-driven strategies and solve the prevailing issues in a company.

  • Reaching Your Target Audience at the Optimal Time 

Market research allows your company to reach a better target audience. The tools used in market research, such as questionnaires, face to face interviews, discussions, and meetings, have a major hand in getting to know the target audience.

Our team can also help you in a proper analysis of current needs and investigate the customer’s future expectations so you can deliver them a dedicated and superior level of customer service.

  • Tracking Competitors 

Even if your business idea is unique, there are many other companies, just like yours, focusing on the same products and services as you. It means they are vying for the same clients.

So, if you want to be a successful name in your industry, you need to keep your market share. For this, you need to know what your competitors are doing, what strategies they are implementing, and what audience they are targeting.

This can only be done by conducting the right market research. And we can help you with this.

  • Developing Results-Driven Strategies 

We know how important achieving success is, and how difficult it may be to attain. You need to follow the right procedure and execute the right plan if you want to take full advantage of the available opportunities.

We will help you create a plan and execute it. Also, we can help you set goals and objectives so that you can thrive in this competitive world.

  • Accelerating Sales Growth

Market research, when embraced, gives a significant knowledge to your organization about how effective its products or services are probably going to be, the typical cost to be set for the service, and categories that consumers will buy. All these data determined to assist with forecasting sales growth.

  • Research for Financing Solutions 

Affordable finance is essential for the success of startup companies. Financing is required for various purposes, for example, extension and advancement of new products. Even though there are numerous lenders in the market, the vast majority of them do not lend to private startups due to the risk they are willing to take.

Through our partnerships with companies such as Wefunder which provides crowdfunding solutions for companies, we can help take your business to the next level at an affordable price.

  • Evaluating New Market Opportunities 

The market consistently has new opportunities for companies to embrace. A portion of them are not very self-evident, and one needs to perform some research to identify and evaluate them.

Regarding these opportunities, organizations likewise lead research efforts to discover the best methodologies to use in the market. Recognizing a business need does not need to involve a   formal process.

A straightforward conversation with companions, staring at the TV, or going through magazines and books can give inspiration on how to proceed forward with your business endeavors. We can help you further that inspiration by determining market opportunities, identifying options, and helping you build a model to maximize profit.

Do you want to improve the understanding of your demographics and optimize your digital marketing campaigns through market research services? Call us at 0720 609 482 to schedule a free initial consultation!