2Max Group Kenya Ltd

2Max Group is one of the kenya’s leading providers of unbiased and cost-effective primary market research services in Kenya. Our primary research methods include interviews, test marketing, social media monitoring, on-site research, personalized mail surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups, and computer-assisted interviewing. To provide government organizations and businesses of all sizes with practical access to 2Max Group’s specialized primary research services, we offer a diverse collection of 18 customized primary research services. Also, for your unique project requirements, we offer customized service models, with which you can hire our top-notch analysts on dedicated full-time (FTE) basis or ad-hoc project basis.

Our Primary Research Service Highlights

  • Information to strengthen marketing campaigns
  • Expert opinion on trending issues
  • Information about competitors, their pricing, and marketing strategies
  • Consumer opinion on your brand, packaging, and company
  • Data mining and report on your social media activities and their impact
  • Analysis report on buyer awareness and preferences
  • Customized Service Model – FTE or Ad-hoc project support
  • Simplified access to Data scientists, Research analysts, and Data mining experts
  • End-to-end project management for all primary research activities

Primary Market Research Categories

Here are the primary market research services in Kenya offered by the 2Max Group team of research experts: At 2Max Group, we have the tools necessary to conduct primary market research and deliver results in a timely manner. Our record speaks for itself, with countless satisfied customers and a proven ability to identify and meet your company’s needs. We can assist you with the following primary market research services:

Expert Interviews

Using our database of experts and networking connections, 2Max Group interviews experts such as economists, regulators, technology experts and industry experts. Our highly trained interviewers conduct in-depth interviews that produce informed commentary about trending issues. We analyze results and identify key developments.

Employee Interviews

2Max Group measures employee satisfaction and identifies internal issues that require attention by interviewing employees. We also employ questionnaires to obtain primary employee research that can trigger opportunities for changes and innovation.

Focus Groups

2Max Group uses experienced discussion moderators to facilitate group interviews and focus group discussions about topics such as packaging and brand ideas, product attitudes and consumer opinions and perceptions about your company.

Competitor Interviews

2Max Group obtains insights about your competition by interviewing customers and employees of major competitors. Topics include pricing and marketing strategies.

Mystery Shopping

2Max Group uses both online and offline mystery shoppers to observe how retail channels are actually performing in a “real world shopping” experience. This works equally well for assessing retail operations of the client and competitors.

Personalized Mail Surveys

2Max Group employs both offline and online mail surveys that are personalized with a cover letter. We emphasize concise questions and provide qualitative and quantitative results analysis.

Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI)

2Max Group uses computerized online interviews that include questionnaires featuring video/audio clips, pictures, and links to different websites. In addition to engaging respondents with more variety, the method lends itself to quick and cost-effective data collection.

In-Person Telephone Surveys

2Max Group employs professional interviewers following a survey script to conduct a large-scale telephone survey or to reach a selected audience.

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)

2Max Group uses computerized questionnaires that are cost-effective and update results during data collection. Data accuracy and control is enhanced by identifying logically incorrect answers.

Convention/On-Site Research

2Max Group conducts in-person interviews and surveys at events such as trade fairs and industry conferences.

Social Media Monitoring

2Max Group gathers data about the brand, product, and service tracking via social media footprint analysis and social media postings. This can be further enhanced with analysis that monitors social media activity over different periods of time.

Market Observation

2Max Group visits client and competitor retail shops to assess the environment both outside and inside. Observations are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.

Qualitative Recruitment

2Max Group uses experienced project managers and interviewers to qualitatively assess respondents before selecting them for survey participation.

Customer Feedback Research

2Max Group actively solicits customer feedback that will help clients to assess customer satisfaction with specific products or with customer service. We use sources such as surveys, websites and social media channels.

Product Validation

2Max Group facilitates validating product ideas at different time frames during the development cycle. We use quantitative and qualitative feedback to identify criteria such as most-wanted product features.

Test Marketing

2Max Group tests marketing concepts in real-life conditions. We use both online and offline test markets that simulate actual buying decisions without buyer awareness that the exercise is only for evaluation purposes.

End-to-End Project Management

2Max Group can provide comprehensive project management of all primary research activities. This can include steps such as survey design, target audience profiles, data collection, data processing, data analysis, preparing reports, and creating presentations.

Quantitative Analysis

2Max Group analyzes survey results with regression analysis and other statistical methods. We prepare reports and presentations that discuss research findings with supporting graphs and images.


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