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What is Quantitative Market Research?

Quantitative Market Research is a technique to ask questions to the target audience in an organized manner using surveys, polls or questionnaires. Received responses can be analyzed to make well-thought decisions for improving products and services, that will in turn help increase respondent satisfaction levels. Well-founded results can be achieved in case a large sample size that represents a population is surveyed.

The age of Information has transformed both selling as well as purchasing habits and norms. “Information” or “data” is now more valuable than gold. Companies rise and fall on the basis of how well they are able to collect and analyze data and make informed decisions based on the gathered insights.

Any evolved customer who makes a purchase online can tell how quickly businesses have become “customer-centric”. And the first step towards becoming a customer-centric business is through customer feedback and research.

Outsourcing Quantitative Research Services in Kenya

Dedicated quantitative research services in kenya from 2Max Group assist decision-makers measure business characteristics and compare different alternatives.
This approach to research includes index modeling, risk management, data analysis, credit research, econometrics and market studies. To help organizations of all sizes in their quest for timely, accurate and cost-effective quantitative research, 2Max Group provides customized quantitative research services.
2Max Group specializes in providing quantitative market research and financial market research that can help you overcome challenges when decisions needed to enter or exit markets. This often depend on detailed analysis of the underlying numbers — realistically assessing market size and earnings potential make the difference between a healthy and struggling bottom line for any company.2Max’s statistical and data analysis involves much more than extracting information from surveys, questionnaires, financial statements and other raw data sources. Outsourcing quantitative research services to 2Max Group, you can save both time and money. For example, 2Max Group can show you how to survey a larger number of participants while simultaneously reducing processing speed by using a more efficient survey technique.Observing the highest professional standards is a critical element in achieving research success. For corporate executives and specialized professionals such as investment bankers, risk managers, traders and asset managers, 2Max Group always meets and exceeds industry guidelines — and client satisfaction is always guaranteed.Blending quantitative research and qualitative research is frequently required in order to produce optimized research results. With extensive experience and expertise in both of these areas, 2Max Group is ready to help with any of your research needs. More details about all of our quantitative research services are provided below.Focus Group DiscussionsIn-depth interviews
Key informant interviewsObservation



Primary quantitative market research techniques

Primary techniques are the most common forms of conducting quantitative market research. Some of the most common and widely used forms are:

    • Surveys: Traditionally, surveys were conducted using paper-based methods and have gradually evolved into online mediums. Closed-ended questions form a major part of these surveys as they are more effective in collecting quantitative data. The survey makes include answer options which they think are the most appropriate for a particular question. Surveys are integral in collecting feedback from an audience which is larger than the conventional size. A critical factor about surveys is that the responses collected should be such that they can be generalized to the entire population without significant discrepancies. Quantitative market research is conducted under two broad buckets of the frequency they are administered at:
      • Cross-sectional research survey: Cross-sectional market research is a quantitative market research method that analyzes data of variables collected at one given point of time across a sample population. population or a pre-defined subset. This research method has people who are similar in all demographics but the one that is under research.
      • Longitudinal research survey: Longitudinal market research is a quantitative market research method where research is conducted over years or decades on a target demographic markets or certain individuals to collect statistical data.


  • One-on-one Interviews: This quantitative data collection method was also traditionally conducted face-to-face but has shifted to telephonic and online platforms. Interviews offer a marketer the opportunity to gather extensive data from the participants. Quantitative interviews are immensely structured and play a key role in collecting information. There are two major sections of these online interviews:
    • Face-to-Face Interviews: An interviewer can prepare a list of important questions in addition to the already asked survey questions. This way, interviewees provide exhaustive details about the topic under discussion. An interviewer can manage to bond with the interviewee on a personal level which will help him/her to collect more details about the topic due to which the responses also improve. Interviewers can also ask for an explanation from the interviewees about unclear answers.
    • Online/Telephonic Interviews: Telephone-based interviews are no more a novelty but these quantitative interviews have also moved to online mediums such as Skype or Zoom. Irrespective of the distance between the interviewer and the interviewee and their corresponding time zones, communication becomes one-click away with online interviews. In case of telephone interviews, the interview is merely a phone call away.
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interview: This is a one-on-one interview technique where the interviewer enters all the collected data directly into a laptop or any other similar device. The processing time is reduced and also the interviewers don’t have to carry physical questionnaires and merely enter the answers in the laptop.

Secondary quantitative market research techniques

Secondary techniques to conduct quantitative market research are a means to validating a hypothesis or drawing conclusions from empirical data and primary data. This research method is a form of observational market research where historical data helps validate the statistical observations of the primary data. For example: mapping the purchase of snowblowers to the months where sales spike with historical data of inclement weather helps manage supply and demand as well as trained personnel during those months.

5 steps needed for creating a successful quantitative market research survey:

  1. Specify the Goal: Why do you want to conduct this market research? There should be a clear answer to this question so that the steps that follow are smoothly executed.
  2. Have a Plan Sketched Out: Every step that needs to be achieved has to be put to paper like the tools that are required to carry out the research, survey templates, the target audience etc. This may vary from project to project.
  3. Collect Data: This is the most crucial step in this market research. Data is collected through 3 main mediums: online surveys, telephone interviews or email surveys.
  4. Analysis of Collected Data: Once the data is gathered, it needs to be analyzed. Various methods of analysis like SWOT Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, TURF Analysis can be carried out to get best results.Quantitative Market Research Analysis
  5. Compile Reports: A report consisting of graphs, charts, and tables should be created so that the person in-charge of the report can incorporate the observed changes.

Reasons to conduct Quantitative Market Research

  • Research is the first step for a successful marketing campaign, be it a new product launch, sales pitch positioning or conducting a data-oriented statistical analysis.
  • By conducting an online quantitative market research, insights about marketing activities like updating the website, social media page management or newsletters can also be received.
  • By implementing Quantitative Market Research, questions like “Who are currently buying my products/services?”, “Why are the others not buying my product?”, “How to reach out to my potential clientele?” are answered.
  • Quantitative research starts with survey creation, designing, and distribution. After the survey is sent out to the right people, data collection and analysis has to be done to get desired insights.

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