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Managing a business requires a considerable amount of effort and time. Maintaining every record for taxes may also be an issue. 2Max Group can assist you in getting control of the accounting tasks by offering various solutions that match up your requirements.

Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software has emerged as a tool of preference for accounting experts globally. With a basic, user-friendly interface; this software program automates manual activities associated with accounting and bookkeeping.

QuickBooks is certainly the most in-demand accounting software on the market for small and medium sized companies. It can be purchased as an independent service or software as a service, making it available any place using the web. QuickBooks offers effortless maintenance and automation of typical accounting activities whilst also exhibiting enhanced features like accounting payroll management.

As a professional accounts outsourcing company, Cogneesol will work with you to ensure that all of your accounting requirements are fulfilled. We can assist you with a complete selection of accounting services from QuickBooks setup, troubleshooting, as well as optimization to bookkeeping and payroll processing.

QuickBooks Setup:

In case you haven’t at this point picked out a software version, we will work with you to assess your accounting and bookkeeping requirements to figure out the appropriate version of QuickBooks for your specific business. Setting up QuickBooks in an accurate manner makes sure you obtain the most out of your accounting software. Our team can help you set up QuickBooks, figure out which accounts to import, map accounts, develop templates and a lot more.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services:

  • Updating of Book of Accounts
  • Ledgers Maintenance
  • Trial Balance Preparation
  • Accounts Closing
  • Preparation of Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and Balance Sheet
  • Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statements

Quickbooks Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable:

  • Expenses Accounting
  • Maintenance and Updating of Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Maintenance of Cash Disbursement Records
  • Letters of Credits Processing

QuickBooks Cost Accounting:

  • Stock Control and Inventory Management
  • Updating Costs
  • Cost Variance Analysiss

Other QuickBooks Accounting Services:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Reconciliation
  • Preparing Purchase Reports
  • Updating Work-Under-Progress Accounts
  • Maintaining Accounts for Write-Offs

Let us handle your QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping services, in case:

  • Your account balances or perhaps finance-related statements don’t appear right
  • Your CPA or tax preparer asserts that your file must be cleaned up before they handle your taxes, so you don’t know very well what to do
  • Your file runs slower or exhibits error alerts often
  • Your statements are not in balance
  • You can’t obtain the reports you require for coming up with good business decisions
  • You are unable to get your accounts reconciled
  • You consistently get in touch with the support staff at Intuit
  • Your bookkeeping is taking more time as opposed to what you believe it needs to
  • Your reports reveal items you realize have already been compensated or received
  • And a lot of other reasons as well…

Some of the industries wherein we assist our clients with regards to QuickBooks accounting software comprise of Business Support Services, Marketing and advertising, Real Estate, Sales, Individual Services, Logistics, Insurance Accounting, Energy, Printing/Promotion, Travel, Consulting, Finance, Nonprofit, Manufacturing, Legal, Entertainment and a lot more.

In case you are not making use of QuickBooks at this point or perhaps are contemplating if it’s the right choice for you, listed below are certain points that emphasize the reason why using QuickBooks makes sense:

  • Access your account information and books at anytime, anyplace, via internet access
  • Ability to manage a multitude of business accounting tasks
  • Automated features like sending invoices and account statements to clients via email
  • Access to over 50 kinds of business reports
  • Ease of use with minimal overhead expenses


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