Hands-on redundancy help

Making redundancies isn’t easy.

It’s long. It’s stressful. And if you don’t know how to make someone redundant, it’s risky, too.

That’s why 2Max Group Rightsize gives you total redundancy support in Kenya to protect your business.

That includes an HR expert to craft your redundancy business case. A legal pro to carry out staff consultations. And access to 24/7 redundancy legal advice to keep you on the right side of the law.

Your Rightsize package


Rightsize helps you meet the legal requirements for redundancy. Our team will:

  • Write your business case. This will help you prove that cutting jobs is your only option.
  • Craft your redundancy process. We’ll make sure you follow the ACAS code of practice to save you from legal errors.
  • Help you meet your legal duties. That includes seeing who qualifies for redundancy pay.
  • Consult with employees. Your HR team will meet with staff to save you from stress and make sure everything is done right.
  • Create your HR docs. We’ll draft watertight paperwork to help reduce your risk of unfair dismissal claims.

Our experts are here to keep you safe even when you face your toughest HR challenges.

Plus, we only provide redundancy advice for employers. So you can be sure that we’ve got your best interest at heart

Are you making essential changes to your business?

We’ll navigate your through the HR redundancy process in Kenya.

We know that making employees redundant is a difficult but sometimes unavoidable decision.

The redundancy consultation services in kenya is a minefield. Breaking the rules can prove to be very expensive. Missing a step altogether can lead to an employee bringing a tribunal case against you for unfair dismissal.

You’ll need to be careful around notice periods, pay entitlements and selection criteria.

You will also have to consider whether you can offer an alternative job. And if not, what support you can put in place to help them find their next role.

We understand that every situation is different. Our local HR professionals can work with your business to design a solution that effectively manages your redundancy process in Kenya.

Following a fair and legal redundancy process in Kenya

The most important part of any company redundancy process in kenya is that you end up with the best staff to take your business forward.

And also that any departing staff are treated fairly and leave the company with their dignity intact. To do this it is wise to consider the following:

Prepare your business case for staff redundancy. There are many reasons for restructuring your company. But if it is to save money, itemise the savings you have already made before starting the redundancy process in kenya.

Give redundancy advice in good time with all the affected employees (and if there is trade union recognition in place, consult the trade union representatives).

Or if over 20 twenty staff are at risk, consult with their elected representatives/trade union representatives and listen to their ideas and suggestions. The redundancy consultation period depends on the numbers of staff involved.

Make sure all staff are included in the redundancy process, especially those on long-term sickness absence or maternity leave.

Identify a potential selection pool. Then ensure your selection criteria is fair, and score each person as objectively as you can.

Follow the statutory dismissal process properly.

Talk to us if you are unsure – one call can help.

Once the redundancy consultation process is over, keep remaining staff motivated by informing them that you intend to keep them in your employment.

Every business situation is different. You really need objective, business focused advice to help navigate the rules of the redundancy process correctly.

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