Salary Survey

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Salary and Compensation Surveys Companies in Kenya

Salary survey kenya

2Max Group is one of the most leading salary and compensation surveys companies in Kenya. We design and conduct tailored compensation surveys for clients. In addition, we have a database of published compensation survey data from which we can draw competitive pay information to assist clients in updating their pay practices.The compensation surveys companies like 2Max Group has designed and conducted salary compensation surveys for clients on a broad range of topics. Normally, these surveys are conducted to help clients ensure that their compensation practices are, or remain, competitive. They generally focus on cash compensation practices – i.e., base salaries, incentive compensation, bonus arrangements, etc. But can also include benefit and perquisite practices.When rapid response is a priority, or the situation does not require the precision that a tailored survey provides, our extensive database of published salary surveys by industry is available to assist clients price one or two jobs or an array of positions. The turnaround time in drawing from our data bank and helping clients price their jobs is normally minimal. This can be quite useful in saving clients time and money.The compensation surveys and related pay comparisons we perform for clients can be conducted either as standalone projects, or as part of a broader compensation study where our firm is engaged to develop a formal compensation program for the client and job pricing is an important part of the engagement. 

Definition of Compensation Outsourcing

2Max Group a great compensation surveys companies in Kenya provides outsourcing services to the clients. Compensation survey outsourcing means building a partnership between a company and its external service provider. External experts are responsible for the daily management of the company’s compensation department. External management typically includes job evaluation, market data management (identification, market pricing), salary support (structural adjustments and budget compensation proposals) and reporting.

The salary outsourcing is based on the fact that as the payment function changes, the payment plan becomes more complex. The management system used to support these programs becomes more efficient and unmanageable, and maintenance costs are becoming more and more expensive. For example, the HR departments of some organizations began to contract with external service providers such as compensation surveys companies to receive compensation for outsourcing management.

Benefits of Compensation Surveys Companies in Kenya

In addition to salary levels, you will be informed in detail about vacancies, roles, and job opportunities and this compensation surveys company in Kenya will give you detailed feedback. We know the market very well, we have a depth of knowledge by the customer base.

Outsourcing Salary & Compensation Surveys Services in Kenya

Understand the cost of your functions and switch to an external vendor. This is especially true for services and back office units. We provide the outsourcing service to office work, personnel, technical support, and legal support. And a hundred other fields and functions.

When considering optimization proposals, the cost of implementing the process is the main argument. To understand whether it pays off to outsource payroll, we compare the costs of full-time professionals and experts for this role.

Let’s say the comparison will not absolutely right. If only because the employer’s full-time employee costs are made up of three main types of direct and indirect costs: total staff maintenance costs, personnel costs (selection, adaptation, training, motivation, etc.) and errors in the professional work of the compensation costs can occur financial risk.

If the amount of the first and second cost component can be roughly estimated, the last cost item is unpredictable, ranging from zero to very sensitive amounts. When outsourcing the salary, the same provider carries the damage caused by his or her fault, and this is the cost of his own insurance – all responsibility lies with him. Remember, but to experiment, we assume that our Abstract Person Calculator is a competent and dedicated expert and does not make mistakes.

What Do You Pay For?

Why you will pay to compensation surveys companies like 2Max Solutions? Now calculate the costs for wage outsourcing. It will be logical to explain this in the UCMS example because we have a clear understanding of how it works for us.

Let’s first find out what the customer is paying for. Outsourced salaries can be divided into basic/standard wages (continuous, regular, planned) and additional wages (accidentally, once and/or adapted to customer needs). Customers have the opportunity to put together a service package so that they are interested in other options in addition to the basic services. In this case, the cost of the latter is lower. The only condition is to provide a list of all necessary additional services during the negotiation phase of the outsourcing transition so that we can estimate the amount of work and consider other services in our commercial offer.

Outsourcing payroll and personnel administration – what are the trends?

As the data provided indicates, people are most often hired and recruited today, followed by outsourcing activities related to staff development and training. Outsourcing of wages and personnel management is far less common in the first two types. Salary outsourcing is a very popular service on the market, although its rapid spread is hindered by the complexity. However, the benefits of optimizing business and reducing costs have significantly increased interest in such outsourcing. If it is easier and more efficient to hire professionals with the same money, why waste time and money on hiring and adapting the right people.

Industry Reviews

Each month, various studies are published such salary levels, compensation plans and ratings for top positions. Market research is unlikely to help you solve specific career issues, but it can lead you to an interesting solution.

Why choose 2Max Group as your outsourcing partner?

Following are the main reasons you should choose 2Max Group as your compensation surveys companies in Kenya.

  • You deal with a Kenya limited company (with our own offices in Nairobi)
  • Local Kenya contact for your peace of mind
  • Good English skills for easy communication
  • You can set budgeted hours for each job
  • Instant support via phone, email and instant message
  • 7+ years experience of helping several Kenya firms

If you have planned to expand your company, this is the right time. It is the right time because with the option of accounting outsourcing, you can quickly grow your firms. You can just focus on marketing and win new clients. We will do all the time-consuming work of bookkeeping, looking for missing information, accounts preparation and any other accounting tasks as required by your clients.

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