Audit & Assurance

What are Assurance Services in Auditing?

When an auditor completes a review of financial statements or performs a regulatory audit, they are offering assurance services.

Assurance Services

When most people think of what an auditor does, they think about assurance services. Assurance services are audit activities that provide an independent, objective assessment of financial statements or compliance efforts. The objectives of these audits are to assure management, the Board, and regulators that financial statements are accurate and operations are done in accordance with applicable policies and regulations. These compliance, regulatory, and financial statement audits are all considered assurance services. Other audit services, such as consulting and advisory audits – while important audit activities – are not part of the assurance audit service.

Auditing & Assurance Services in Kenya



Audit is not merely comparing the numbers in books with documents to confirm their veracity, it is quite more extensive than it sounds

An annual audit of the business owner’s financial statements can be an obligatory, number crunching, time-consuming, and expensive process to satisfy the regulatory authorities. Here at 2Max Group, we aim to evaluate the existing business processes to assist our clients with the process of running their business efficiently and cost-effectively. We make sure all your troublesome reporting requirements are met as painlessly as possible, keeping banks, creditors, finance providers satisfied.

As the leading audit firm in Kenya, we believe in building trust between all stakeholders and management. Our audit processes reveal a clear picture of the company’s finances; thereby, helping management take the necessary steps required to improve the company’s growth potential. At 2Max Group, we deliver tailor-made assurance services to clients in Kenya and Globally, accentuated by exemplary quality for our clients in both the local and global marketplace.

We focus on assisting our clients with the process of navigating their way through complex professional requirements with clarity and agility. Our partner-led approach is designed to navigate complexities, providing insights into your business with customized solutions.

Our auditing and assurance services in Kenya include:

  • The audit of financial statements for businesses in Kenya
  • The audit of international GAAP financial statements
  • Stock auditors in India

With the help of sophisticated techniques, exceptional audit tools and procedures, and experienced staff, we pride ourselves that we deliver the highest quality auditing services in India. Our continuous effort, years of experience, and client satisfaction demonstrated the fact that the audits we conduct are of the highest quality. Our team of qualified professionals, including CAs, CPAs and ACCAs commit to providing you with a high-quality and deadline-driven audit.

We continuously engage with our clients to ensure adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosures. And we aim to provide constructive, value-added delivery. Our auditing services help clients to realize their organizational objectives. Our tried and trusted methodology facilitates the involvement of senior personnel at regular intervals throughout the audit process; thus, ensuring value beyond our audit report’s ambit. As a result, 2Max Group employees and partners have audited various entities in India (Stock auditors in Kenya) and abroad for more than two decades. Our satisfied clients encourage us to improve the quality of the audits that we deliver continually.







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