During periods featuring low-interest rates and uncertain creditworthiness by debtors, investors are regularly faced with serious challenges involving fixed income investments. Under such conditions, using an experienced fixed income research partner like 2Max Group can serve as a practical and effective research solution.

The fixed income research services provided by 2Max Group are always tailored to fit the specific needs of each client — banks, thrifts, credit unions, institutional clients, arbitrageurs, hedge funds, regional broker-dealers, insurance companies and other fixed income investors. We provide access to a top-rated primary dealer service, especially important when our investment partners are buying and selling fixed income investments involving multiple countries across the globe.

Bond markets continue to be influenced by monetary policy and macroeconomic factors that can differ widely from one country to another. 2Max Group provides both timely policy commentaries and new investment ideas that can help our clients produce superior risk-adjusted returns in a shifting geopolitical investment environment.

Whether you are seeking up-to-date insights about relatively risk-free government bonds or higher-risk corporate debentures, 2Max Group can help you maneuver through the current low-interest rate environment while preparing for the possible future return of a higher interest rate and inflationary investment climate. We help our clients “check all of the boxes” and more when making fixed income decisions — compliance, due diligence, credit risks, transparency, variable country risks and primary research as needed. The following paragraph provides an overview of specific fixed income research services offered by 2Max Group.

Our Fixed Income Research Service Expertise

The research expertise of 2Max Group encompasses a wide spectrum in the fixed income area — here are 17 ways that we are prepared to help fixed income investors:

Asset Liability ManagementOur research team can help banks, insurance companies, thrifts and credit unions of all sizes to increase earnings while performing due diligence and managing interest rate risks.

Global Policy CommentaryWe provide high-impact research, commentaries that address global political events and insightful analysis of changes in central bank and fiscal policy changes to facilitate timely adjustments to fixed income investment strategies.

New Idea GenerationBy mining and analyzing massive amounts of data, our research team uncovers new investment ideas that often challenge traditional thought in a stagnant interest rate environment.

Emerging Markets ResearchOur team of fixed income research experts can help investors adjust geographic asset allocation by providing detailed insights into emerging markets such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

Legal ResearchEvaluating legal and regulatory requirements is a critical piece in assessing fixed income opportunities in areas as diverse as industrialized western markets and emerging economies, and the 2Max Group team includes experts that constantly monitor legal developments.

Customized ReportsTo cater to the unique needs of each client, we provide customized fixed income research reports that address specialized needs and investment goals.

Corporate Credit RatingsOur emphasis in analyzing credit ratings is to focus on the rationale behind the ratings provided by Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s so that investors can make a more informed decision than is possible by simply following institutional advice from credit rating agencies.

Evaluation of ConvertiblesWe provide realistic convertible bond valuations that combine the fair value of the straight bond and the option (by conversion) value by using credit spreads, implied volatilities and advanced forecast models that include key performance drivers.

Accounting SupportThe fixed income experts of 2Max Group can support your accounting team by providing current information about fixed income accounting regulations in different political jurisdictions.

Unique Insights2Max Group cultivates and maintains strong working relationships with government officials and senior level corporate decision makers that contribute to original research and insights impacting buy side and sell side investment decisions.

Macroeconomic Analysis2Max Group can efficiently provide thorough coverage of macroeconomic trends, global interest rates, sovereign debt, FX markets and economic indicators in different countries.

Product Research2Max Group provides global product research that encompasses the growing variety of new and hybrid fixed income instruments such as securitized products, alpha strategies, inflation-hedged products, and leveraged finance instruments.

Market UpdatesDepending on client communication preferences, we can deliver daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly analyses that address market trends, events and regulatory changes impacting fixed income investments.

Special StudiesWhen clients need a more in-depth look at issues such as banks, financial regulation and thematic research (like macro themes), 2Max Group can provide a detailed study.

Financial ModelingTo support funding and lending strategies, 2Max Group can develop future performance models that incorporate duration matching, stress tests, budget planning, capital structure analysis, cash flow modeling, sovereign and corporate debt analysis and rating forecasts.

Technical AnalysisWe can provide reports based on technical indicators such as trend lines and trading patterns that can impact fixed income market movements in bonds, convertibles, yield curves, and spreads.

Municipal Market AnalysisTo give both sell side and buy side investors a clear understanding of risk and credit quality issues, 2Max Group can provide detailed surveillance and debt analysis regarding municipal bond issuers such as cities, hospitals, public utilities, regional development authorities and other public agencies.

2Max Group’s Fixed Income Research Benefits

As you evaluate your fixed income research choices, here are the major benefits of selecting 2Max Group as your partner:

  • 2Max Group provides coverage of all relevant global and regional fixed income markets — this worldwide presence is increasingly necessary to help investors achieve competitive fixed income returns.
  • We understand the practical need to “cover all the bases” along the way to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for fixed income investments — in addition to thoroughly assessing macroeconomic developments and credit ratings, we provide decision-makers with both detailed trend analysis and practical explanations in reports and newsletters that will help investors formulate realistic conclusions.
  • We have the experienced team of fixed income research experts already in place — investors have used us as a trusted research partner for more than a decade.
  • 2Max Group is equally comfortable (and experienced) in working with Fortune 1000 companies, banks, credit unions, thrifts, hedge funds, insurance companies and small/mid-size businesses — our world-class analysts understand what the world’s leading buy side and sell side firms need.
  • Involving markets not covered by “traditional” fixed income research service providers.
  • 2Max Group combines an ongoing commitment to “best research practices” with a passionate commitment to deliver fixed income research that is timely and cost-effective — our clients receive high-quality information that enables timely investment decisions.

Improving Your Bottom Line with 2Max Group

In the current low-interest rate investment climate, investment firms are typically faced with a limited number of options for improving the bottom line. However, reducing the cost of fixed income research while improving timeliness and quality can be a winning combination – Contact 2Max Group today for practical way to do all three.