Recruitement outsourcing services in Kenya is a blue-collar recruitment service that provides fast, accurate and stable blue-collar talent transportation to production-oriented manufacturing and e-commerce logistics enterprises and provides efficient, perfect and detailed post-management processes and service concepts.

recruitment outsourcing services

Human Resources Headhunting consultants rely on company talent, online recruitment sites, communities, forums, personal contacts and other channels to provide customers with the right talent.

Recruitment outsourcing services process

The client requests recruitment and provides qualification certification

Employers raise recruitment requirements, provide business license (copy) or organization code certificate (copy), recruitment positions and requirements (electronic version);

Sign a service contract

Sign service contracts with employers to determine recruitment positions;

Find/screen candidates

According to the client's entrusted recruitment needs, find suitable personnel for the client's recruitment positions and conduct preliminary screening / initial trials;

Arrange for retesting

Recommend the person who has selected the appropriate client positions to the client unit for re-testing, and the client unit will decide whether to hire;

Assist candidates to adapt to their positions

Provide relevant consultations to candidates recruited by employers to assist them in adapting to work positions as soon as possible;

Service Fee Payment

When the candidate is hired by the employer, the employer pays our company's recruitment service fee according to the time and standard agreed in the service contract.

Free services (special circumstances)

For general position entrusted recruitment, if the candidate leaves within one month due to his own reasons or is dismissed because he does not meet the recruitment standards of the client unit, our company will recommend other candidates for the same post for free.

Recruitment outsourcing services advantages

Strong pertinence: 2max Group human resources directly address the needs of the enterprise, and recommend high-quality blue-collar talents, which is more in line with corporate requirements;
Fast and easy: Eliminates the complicated screening and interviewing steps of the enterprise, reduces personnel investment, avoids repeated operations, and saves a lot of HR work time;
Reduction of recruitment costs: Clients entrusted recruitment will save the customer’s publicity costs, telephone communication costs, interview costs, personnel investment costs, time costs, etc .;
Reduction of recruitment risks: Effectively avoiding the dismissal of talents because they are not suitable for the development of the enterprise. Our human resources can help enterprises to achieve standardization and process of personnel work and improve work efficiency;
Huge worker resources: Utilize the company’s talent pool for many years to provide enterprises with professional recruitment services such as general workers → mechanics → storage staff.

Recruitment Outsourcing Services Purpose

  • Responsible for the migrant workers, no charge, no deception, provide the most authentic information;
    Provide enterprises with the best employment recruitment solutions.
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