Developing a long-term strategy in the marketplace involves more than offering a great product and advertising effectively. It’s about truly understanding the consumer, and developing strategies that directly match your products and services with the needs of the customer.For that, you need more than brilliant minds and great ideas. You need to thoroughly study the market. Research Optimus has extensive experience in helping companies achieve their business goals by providing survey development, execution and analysis. We follow strict industry best-practice standards. For more information about how our market research surveys can help you achieve your specific goals, contact Research Optimus today.

Introduction to Market Research Surveys

Market research surveys are designed to help you learn as much as you can about your target market. You’ll learn demographic data (age, gender, income level, marital status, etc.). You will learn about how these customers make their purchasing decisions and why they prefer you over the competition (or vice versa). You’ll learn more about whether your products meet their expectations, how those products can be tweaked to meet their demand, and what areas of the market can be exploited.

Guessing the market is dangerous and costly. Market research surveys can answer key burning questions and help you to develop new marketing strategies, greater brand loyalty, improved product design and more.C

Surveys and Survey Tools

2Max Group can provide you with survey development, execution and analysis. We follow strict industry best-practice standards and can help you with the following services: Survey Design

We identify the objective of the survey, select a sample size of the population baed on the demographics you need, and then use a data collection channel that fits the exact needs of your particular business goals to generate useful information from customers and prospective customers.


We know that the wording of every question matters. That is why we are diligent to write the question in a way that ensures that the responses you receive affect the overall quality of your data.


Survey software has made online market research surveys easier, but our expertise ensures that the programming is based on professional survey logic and design.


We ensure that your survey collection process is hosted on quality servers to prevent crashing or lost data.

Quota Management

We make sure that your survey sample is large enough to definitively make judgments about the population.

Data Analysis and Statistical Services

Once the data is collected, our expert team does the most crucial step of analyzing it for you.

Survey Panel

An understanding of random sampling, survey panels, and panel management is important for quality data analysis. We help you to use this information within your business to generate effective strategies to increase ROI.

Every survey also needs to be of the highest quality, with everything in place to ensure a reduction of survey biases (variables that hurt survey analysis).

Our Market Research Survey Tools

We have everything you need to develop comprehensive surveys that answer your business questions. From online surveys (OLAP, CAWI, etc.), to web hosting to mail surveys to telephone surveys and CATI, we can generate and analyze surveys to meet your research needs.

Whatever your company needs, 2Max Group can get the job done with affordable research solutions that are certain to help your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more.CONTACT US TODAY!