Being a Procurement oursourced supplier in Kenya we will greatly reduce costs from costly sourcing.
Procurement in most businesses is by far the largest Supply Chain cost. Particularly in the current economic environment, effective and efficient procurement across your business is vital.

This is equally applicable to direct procurement (products and materials) as well as indirect procurement (facilities and services).

procurement outsourced supplier

Procurement Outsourced Services Range

Outsourced Procurement Services consultants provide a wide range of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement consulting services, as illustrated below:

Assessment of current procurement spend

Procurement risk assessment

Assessment of the supply market

Procurement structure, process and technology evaluation

Procurement performance measurement

Implementation management

Procurement change management

Realigned procurement business processes

Determining supplier qualifications

RFQs Facilitating supplier negotiations

Monitoring procurement benefits

Total procurement cost, not just purchase price

Consolidating purchasing power

Tighter supplier relationships

Improved teamwork and purchasing skills

work and information flow

Designing, communicating and analysing RFPs

Designing, communicating and analysing RFPs

Selecting and confirmation of suppliers