Salary processing

2max group

Save time and resources

Our HR- and Salary department can assist and relieve you by being responsible for part or all of your salary management and personnel administration. At 2Max Group Limited we take pride in working closely with you and your organisation. Personal relationships and job satisfaction is always in our focus.

By letting 2Max Group Limited handle the salary management, you will save time and resources. We ensure that all your employees receive the right salary at the right time. The salaries are established in our system, and we provide ongoing wage slip to your employees.

Our HR- and Salary consultants are constantly updated

Laws, salary agreements and rules

At year-end, to minimise any unnecessary stress, we will take care of all routines, such as statement of earnings and tax deductions, reporting to the Kenya Tax authority.

Our skilled HR- and Salary consultants are constantly updated on current laws, salary agreements and rules, so that they are always on top of the correct information.

Our strengths within HR- and Salary processing:
– Continuity in staffing
– Highly committed consultants
– A strong focus on dynamic, long-term relationships
– Successful delivery of the entire HR capability
– Personalised salary services
– High availability – 24-hour contact guarantee

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