Ongoing Software Maintenance

The need to maintain software applications has seen a sudden uprise owing to the ever-changing market scenarios. Organisations today need a proper maintenance system to thrive; a system that would ensure their systems & applications are fully-functioning & bug-free, correct glitches experienced & provide support where needed.   

We provide Enterprises a helping hand in safe keeping their ongoing Softwares. Our highly specialised team of maintenance & support specialists provide full-cycle, full-featured maintenance and support to mission critical applications. 

Our Specialisation

  • Quality Assessment
  • Bug Fixing
  • Defect Analysis
  • Application Upgrade
  • Software Support
  • Source-code Issue Resolution
  • IT & Cloud Environment Support
  • Application Code Optimisation
  • New Functionality Realisation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Third-party Application Takeover
  • Application Testing

Core Maintenance Solutions

Preventive Maintenance
Being a step ahead of users, our Preventive Maintenance services help find & correct potential problems in real-time. 

  • Regular, scheduled maintenance regime to keep your software up-to-date and devoid of any technical issues
  • Ensures prolonged life of a system
  • Reduces unplanned downtime due to faulty system
  • Improved reliability of the software
  • Reduces expensive repair costs

Corrective Maintenance
Our Corrective Maintenance services help rectify design, logic, and coding defects that are reported while the software is in use. 

  • Data quality management
  • Easy search options
  • Easy migrations & integrations
  • Database modeling & ETL transformation
  • Metadata management
  • Maintenance & optimisation

Perfective Maintenance
Our Perfective Maintenance Services help software applications perform better by enhancing their stability and functions.

  • Custom value additions 
  • Improves performance, dependability & maintainability of the software

Adaptive Maintenance
We help software systems be adapted to remain up-to-date at all times.

  • Adds new variables to the existing software applications
  • Helps maintain a competitive edge
  • Upgrade and enhance an existing software

Why Classic Informatics For Dedicated Maintenance?

Full Featured Service

From assessment & consulting to full-cycle software maintenance, our maintenance team ensures an all-round support for your software. 

Skilled Engineers

Classic Informatics has an experienced team of 50+ professionals in our application maintenance team that are uniquely specialised to resolve critical maintenance issues.

Cutting-edge Technology

We believe in being above par with industry standards. We specialise in new-age technologies to ensure maximum uptime of your software applications, granting them with a competitive advantage.