KRA Tax Consultancy Services In Kenya

Our KRA & tax consultancy services in Kenya focus on minimizing the tax burden on businesses and managing any tax risks. Our tax team prides itself in the fact that it always offers clients with more than they expect, surprising them with innovative solutions that may not be common place but are definitely practical. 

Preparation and Filing of Monthly Pay as You Earn (“PAYE”), Withholding Tax (“WHT”) and Value Added Tax (“VAT”) returns;

Assistance with VAT Remissions Streamlining with Treasury and Kenya Revenue Authority (“KRA”) Ensuring compliance of your Company’s Operations in Kenya with the Applicable Tax Requirements in all Tax Heads i.e. PAYE, VAT, WHT, Corporation Tax and Customs and Excise duties.

Negotiate with Kenya Revenue Authority, in case of any Discrepancy, Fines or Tax refunds; and Ensure that the entire Tax Information is ready for Audit and Reconciliation Tax Advisory, Providing Answers to Queries and/or opinions on Tax matters including Research, Discussions and Attendance of meetings relating to these matters as Instructed by you.

Advisory on the Taxation effects of Proposed Business Transactions, different methods of Business Structuring and Financing and their Tax Implications.

Tax Planning Advisory on the Taxation of Employment Income Accrued/Derived in Kenya by the Expatriates in line with the Double Taxation Agreements put in place by the Contracting States. (e.g Between Canada and Kenya).

Tax Planning & Advisory on the determination and Payment of Installment and Final Corporate Taxes.

Our fields

Advance Tax
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Capital Gains Tax
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Individual Income Tax
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Installment Tax
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Our Tax Consultancy Services in Kenya Include:

Preparing Tax Returns

Submitting tax returns for businesses and Individuals

Consulting with Tax Authorities KRA

Personal Income Tax for foreign or local employees

The right tax advice for your success

Taxes affect almost all economic activities. The dissemination of legal changes requires flexibility, creativity and the latest special knowledge. Therefore, proper tax advice is essential for the success of the company.

We collaborate with the international network of cross-border mandates of 2maxgroup. For example, we develop international tax planning models for global tax optimization in accordance with the latest international standards. Our tax consultancy services in Kenya range from the development and implementation of effective forms of tax organization to minimize custom duties and sales taxes.

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